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holiday cookies.

Dedicated to my sister who, for the first time, made a gigantic cookie assortment for her office. I am beyond proud.

This is what I like to call The Tier One Cookie Assortment. All of these cookies are tailor-made to make in large quantities for either many individual gifts or a big office cookie tray. I don’t think it does anyone any favors if you stress over finicky recipes when you’re in the throes of the holiday baking season, so this is my gift to you. Four crazy-simple, crazy-good cookie and bar recipes for you.  Continue reading →

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millionaire’s shortbread (the homemade twix bar).

Because we needed one more thing to eat around the house on this post-Thanksgiving weekend. Just one more thing, juuuust in case we run out of the 184 other things we made to eat.

I’ve seen these before, called all sorts of different things, on the internet. I’ve perused their photos on blogs, I’ve passed by them in cookbooks, I’ve heard rumors about Twix-like bars you make yourself. Finally, curiosity got the best of me. Do they really taste like Twix bars? Why so many aliases? Why does everyone seem to be obsessed about these? Maybe that’s why all the names…obsessed cookie stalkers.  Continue reading →

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pretzel shortbread snack bars.

There is no way that something this simple to execute should be this good. There is no way a recipe involving ingredients found in virtually any pantry at any time of the year should taste like this. There is simply no way Martha Stewart needed to lure me into buying her October 2011 magazine by promising me beautiful short rib pot pies and halloween ideas and then give me, just offhandedly, the recipe for thisContinue reading →

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