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tiny party hats and cream cheese frosting.

party hats and cream cheese frosting.

So, let’s talk hats for baked goods. You saw them at the Wee One’s birthday this year, and everyone seemed to really enjoy them. I liked them too; not only for how cute they were, but how easy they were to construct. Lots of us have storage bins filled with decorative cupcake holders: remember that one New Year’s Eve party that you just had to have glitter holders? Or that baby shower you threw? Or the adorable holders you found and you just knew they’d be great in photos? Those cupcake holders. And those are basically all you need. Continue reading →

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monday bites: everything bagel pizza.

everything bagel pizza.

I owe you and ice cream sandwich; more specifically, a buttermilk raspberry ice cream sandwich with homemade graham crackers. Problem: it’s a lengthy post, and I’m still working on it.

But it’s Monday, which means you deserve a Monday Bites post, and you shall have such a post. Luckily, I had a really stellar baking/cooking weekend, and it produced, among other things, this.

An everything bagel pizza. Continue reading →

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chocolate espresso Guinness cake.

Doesn’t look very much like a traditional birthday cake, right? Certainly it’s not the mile-high, multi-layered numbers I like to push here, but this was indeed someone’s birthday cake. Someone who really. likes. drinks. because they tend bar, people, don’t worry; I didn’t make a beer-infused cake for a recovering alcoholic. No one fell off the wagon on my watch. I have it on good authority, however (Mr. Table), that if you were going to get addicted to a cake, this one would be it. I hear this was maybe the best chocolate cake a bunch of coworkers have ever laid waste to; if you knew this bunch, you would know they’ve probably demolished some food in their day. Continue reading →

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sweet potato cupcakes + brûlée caramel cream cheese frosting.

Once there was a girl who really loved fall. she also loved sweet potatoes and cupcakes. so she set out, on a cool autumn afternoon, to make the most magical cupcakes in the land. Now, this girl had never been one for following instructions exactly, so she decided base these tiny cakes on her recipe for vanilla bean sweet potatoes.

She changed the recipe, and set to work. Continue reading →

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rainbow cream cheese pound cake.

So, yes; the winter has gotten to me a little bit. Everything is a little muted after the holidays are over, and that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it can be really nice. But dreary, cold days can make you do strange things. like dig our your food paste colors and color your perfectly lovely cream cheese bundt cake several shades of early spring.  Continue reading →

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