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buttermilk raspberry swirl ice cream sandwiches (part two of two)

buttermilk raspberry swirl ice cream sandwiches, featuring homemade graham crackers.

If you thought yesterday’s post about the brown sugar graham cracker part of this was exciting, well: have I got a treat for you. I hope you readied your ice cream makers as instructed, because it’s time to make what is quite possibly my favorite fruit-swirled ice cream ever: raspberry buttermilk.

Buttermilk ice cream is sublime, especially for those of us for whom there exists a fine line between “delightfully sweet” and “toothache.” It has its own unique sweet tartness; certainly not lemony-tart, but with a tangy finish so refreshing in a world filled with overly sweet ice cream offerings. It’s a little more sophisticated, I think, but not so much that a kid (or an adult with kid-friendly tastes) would stick up their nose at it. The raspberry swirl adds to the sweet/tart balancing act, and the result is an ice cream approved for year-round use. Continue reading →

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monday bites: raspberry lemon buttermilk muffins.

raspberry lemon buttermilk muffins.

I’ve switched obsessions; raspberry is my thing this week, it seems. Call it a mixed berry slump; I feel like I haven’t had decent berries around in forever, and I miss them. Summer berries are my favorite, and although you can find berries in the store right now, they leave a lot to be desired. Thankfully, frozen raspberries are a great substitute, especially when you feel a deep urge to swirl some through ice cream (which you’ll see later this week) or bake them into muffins. Continue reading →

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nectarine upside-down cake.

People, listen up right now: you MUST make this cake. I implore you. Make it for yourselves, make it for friends and loved ones, make 10 of them, but just do it already before the nectarines revert back to being the rock-hard, scentless garden stones they are the rest of the year. I’m going to dispense with my usual fluffity-fluff and get to the point, because the longer you spend reading this, the less time you have to get nectarines while they’re in season, which means you’ll only be able to make 15 of these cakes and not 20. And that would be an utter shame. So; onward. Continue reading →

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lemon buttermilk cookies.

You may say to yourself “my my! aren’t those some jaunty little asterisks! I wonder who makes punctuation cookie cutters?” Answer: no one. This is a shamrock cookie cutter, circa (like almost every kitchen purchase I make) 1950’s and was in a box with other “holiday” cutters made to span the whole year. And this, my friends, is a little extra St. Patrick’s Day cheer for you. The irish coffee blondies were sophisticated; these, quite obviously, are not. But they are a happy little cookie, and today they’re serving as vehicle for a little royal icing tutorial. Continue reading →

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