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feast magazine, november 2013: lamb, kale, + sweet potato chili [with a vegetarian option.].

lamb, kale, + sweet potato chili.

Yes; I have been missing. Eerily absent from my normal activities, like posting things, or perusing blogs, hanging out with you on Facebook and Twitter, pinning things I want to make/do/buy all over your Pinterest, and so on. Daily life has fallen by the wayside, and why? Because we are all so ill right now. Not “ill” in a Beastie Boys way, either; ill in the gross mid-Autumn cold and sinus way. I’ve had a sinus infection kicking for about three weeks now, which I’ve been able to ignore in some ways and not in others; mostly it turns my kitchen and writing skills into that of a floating baby hedgehog. That’s me right now, people. To add to the fun, the Wee One had a middle-of-the-night trip to the ER because she woke up just as I was headed to bed with the croup. Since she’s a child who is never, ever sick, I have zero experience with this. It is hard. So we’re all on the mend, but I’m grossly behind on just about everything.

I know what you’re thinking: this is fun talk for food blog, Shannon; thank you ever so much. But this is good information, because I think this is how the zombies get us. It’s not glamorous enough for film and TV, but the reason we can’t outrun them? First, the infect us with colds. Then, we become so lethargic and grosstastic that we have zero speed or energy. Then, the world is theirs. Keep that in mind. On to the food talk. Continue reading →

cucumber + lime fizzball (with a hint of mint)

cucumber + lime fizzball

Can’t….write. I don’t know what ‘s wrong with me.

Lie: yes I do. I’m far too excited about this whole RFT “Best Food Blog” finalist and upcoming awards ceremony thing. I realize the other finalists are probably way chill, but it’s safe to say they’re all cooler than I am. I’m just over here being totally nerded out about it.

So: writing escapes me at the moment. But making food does not, and there’s no reason to make you wait for another fizzball. Continue reading →

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lemon ginger fizzballs.

lemon ginger fizzballs.

So far, in 2013, I have:

  1. Cleaned my house
  2. Re-cleaned my house
  3. Stared at the open fridge for an innumerable amount of hours
  4. Stared at my laptop for an innumerable amount of hours
  5. Eaten a few lemon bars
  6. Ordered new yoga pants and raided J. Crew (sales, people; sales)
  7. Wandered around aimlessly
  8. Downloaded some new music for my “to-the-death!” workouts, which begin next week
  9. Joined Twitter/become fascinated by Twitter in the way that cats are fascinated by those laser pointer things
  10. Attempted to write approximately 15 different posts
  11. Successfully written zero posts.

That’s right, everyone; the holidays have done me in (temporarily.) It’s almost comical how much I can’t form a complete sentence. My photos look like they were taken by a drunken sea turtle. I blame my OCD-ish need for a schedule; my mom and my sister came in for Thanksgiving, then left, then came back again for Christmas and New Years. Between visits, I ran around finishing up decorating, present-obtaining, and wrapping. That’s like a whole month without my routine intact. Do you know what that does to a person who likes to do the same exact things every day? Continue reading →

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cucumber cape-codders.

So, here’s how this started. Jen made a tasty-looking Meyer lemon margarita back in May. Then Julie made this little cucumber gimlet, which got me thinking about cucumbers in drinks. Then Brianne had to go and make this little darling, which was bite-y tart like I like, and then I started thinking about tart things. Like cranberries. Seems as though now that summer’s here, everyone’s kicking back with a little creative drink-doing. I don’t know the first thing about creating a drink, so I had no intention of doing this for you. And then I purchased the latest Martha Stewart Living magazine.

Dang you, July edition; you lure me in every year. Continue reading →

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citrusy lemonade.

Just a little bonus post for you here, because summer is beginning and I know some of us are gearing up for (or are in the midst of) sweltering summer heat. It’s a holiday weekend here, and I know many of us will break out the barbecue grills and dust off the outdoor furniture to celebrate appropriately. Some of us have pools which will open, and more than a few of us will lament eating cookies and cake all winter as we slide ourselves into swimwear which “could fit better, but it’s not so bad.” Continue reading →

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