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feast magazine, april 2014: jerusalem artichoke + sundried tomato spread.

feast magazine april 2014: sunchoke spread.

Yes, it’s April 2nd, and typically I have my Feast article out at the crack of the new month, but “better late than never” is my new “on time,” at least for right now. This month, I’m pretty stoked about the recipes inside the April issue: so joyously springy, which at least for me was no small feat considering those of us who create recipes had to have our contributions in by mid-February. In case you’ve blocked it out, at that point we were snow-covered and frozen. Some recipes I think you’ll love (besides my humble contribution): Continue reading →

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greek panzanella salad + a new series: farmers’ market mondays.

It seems as though there’s a general theme out there right now with my fellow baking (and cooking, sometimes) bloggers: we feel poofy. We could lose a few pounds. We need to eat better. And isn’t that like, exactly what happens to everyone around this time of year, right? It’s warmer, winter’s officially over, some of us are scheduling our summer vacations and thinking “holy, crap; I have to actually wear that swimsuit in public at some point.” And I have an almost-2-year-old. What does that mean? You guessed it; more photos than some countries allow anytime she’s in close proximity to my mother. What it also means is that when my wee one is photographed, she is often photographed with her mother’s thighs in the frame. *sigh* Continue reading →

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vanilla bean sweet potatoes.

I’m still reliving Thanksgiving. I don’t mean to, it’s just that we had so many things to eat I’m finding it impossible to get through them all fast enough. And…since so many things you make on Thanksgiving manage to reappear throughout the winter holidays, I think it’s ok. I’m in the midst of a cookie-baking frenzy right now, so anything “un-cookie” looks appealing to me, even more so than it normally does. Hopefully you feel the same.  Continue reading →

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smoky sweet potato + apple soup.

Out of nowhere, the temperature took a nosedive. I was lamenting the indian summer we were having, and poof: gone. Replaced with highs in the 50’s and a constant feeling that it’s going to rain. Too late for us to have any real fall leaves to peep, but better late than never, because it’s time for soup. Continue reading →

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