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spring vegetable salad + miso tahini dressing. also, a wee book review.

spring vegetable salad + miso dressing.

It. Is. Spring. If I just keep repeating that, will it become true? I certainly hope so, because it’s April, which means I’ve crossed over into full denial that it’s still chilly here. Warmth has become a state of mind more than it is an actual reality.

I’m wearing tee shirts.

I’m packing my scarves up.

I’m making this salad.

Because it’s 2 weeks to Easter, and there’s fresh produce everywhere I look, and it’s about time we kicked the chilly weather to the curb, even if right now that means eating like it’s 80 degrees and sunny out. Continue reading →

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feast magazine, february 2014 [part one]: black walnuts.

black walnuts.

So: black walnuts, otherwise known as the nut I was tasked with creating recipes around for this month’s Feast magazine: let’s talk about them. When I was asked to do a feature article on black walnuts, I was obviously elated: me? write a feature? Yes, please: I would love that. I am honored. I am utterly geeked out by your request yes I will do it. But then it dawned on me: black walnuts?

I know nothing about black walnuts.

Now, you could argue here that my entire columnist life is centered around ingredients I largely know nothing about until I work with them for the magazine, but that’s 1 recipe: this time, they were asking for a full writeup and 6-7 recipes. Add to that the direction to balance sweet to savory and make it all winter-centric, and you get one nervous writer.

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memorial day, part two: the recipes.

memorial day: the recipes.

As promised, here are some of the recipes from Memorial Day, all of which we thoroughly enjoyed. None of them requires much in the way of ingredient-purchasing or time committment, which is great when you’re putting things together on a lazy weekend. There’s a few strategies I employ for weekends like this past one, where I want to relax and not spend my entire day in the kitchen; I know some of us really enjoy hunkering down into a flurry of cooking and baking, but during the warmer months, I find myself wanting to do other things as well. It’s important to never feel trapped in the kitchen while everyone else is kicking back outside, and these tips will help you do just that. Continue reading →

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red seasonal salad.

Listen: it’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (in America; Canadians, I realize this is just an average Tuesday for you.) Many of you have made your shopping lists, discussed where to get the best of everything, and are now getting ready to go out and procure all the food necessary to make your Thanksgiving dinner. If my markets are any indication, today is the day when things get nuts, so get out there early, use the buddy system, and don’t lose it on the multitudes of people gathered in the baking aisle standing, inevitably, right in front of what you need. It will all be okay: you’ll make it out of the store with everything you need, eventually, and you’ll probably only need to head back out 5 times for things you managed to forget. Like celery and pepper. And yams, oddly enough, because one of your best blog friends decided to pull out this amazing pumpkin pie which looks so perfect that you’ve filled out the necessary forms and submitted them to your family in the hopes that it will be allowed on the table this year. Continue reading →

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chinatown turkey salad.

I don’t know how everyone’s Thanksgiving holidays go, but ours go a little something like this. We begin with the best of intentions. We roast a giant turkey with loads of side dishes and desserts, and every time a food item gets called into question with the inevitable “but there’s four of us: do we really need all that?” it gets answered with “but it’s okay, because we’ll have leftovers!” Thanksgiving happens. wonderful piles of food are eaten, and we are thrilled. That evening, we are thrilled with our turkey sandwiches. The next day, we are happy, but not thrilled. By the following day, we’re noticably less thrilled and one of us is rifling through takeout menus to find anything – anything – which does not resemble our Thanksgiving meal.  Continue reading →

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farmers’ market monday: caramelized onion + apple pizza salad.

Have you ever managed to completely avoid something, or a genre of something, because you just know you’ll be terrible at it? Or rather just assumed, without bothering with the try/fail nonsense, to forgo a project based on your (imaginary) future failure? I have; I do it all the time. Think back for a minute; have you ever seen a croissant on this blog? A Danish, perhaps? Pain au chocolat? A nice loaf of thick-sliced bread, maybe dinner rolls? No? No, you haven’t. Because I’m scared of two things: yeast-based baking and failure. Because in my life, the former typically begets the latter. And I do not embrace failure with open arms. Continue reading →

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farmers’ market monday: jicama + carrot slaw.

August seems like such a transitional month for everyone. KIds are outside trying to burn through their last vacation days, acting like it’s the end of the world. I’ve been bumped into by at least 57 moms at the store, all face-down in their brightly colored school-supply lists, anxiously searching for the exact right kind of colored pencils. Everyone is waiting to start something. I feel like no one really enjoys August; we all seem far too busy either waiting for fall to arrive (hey!) or lamenting the inevitable end of summer. Continue reading →

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farmers’ market monday: mission fig + prosciutto salad.

Well, I’ve done it: I’ve succumbed to vacation and all its pitfalls. Like not knowing what day it is. Because who cares what day it is when you’re on vacation? You do what you want, when you want. There is no schedule to stick to, no routine to go with, no calendars or watches to check. It’s almost impossible to check a calendar or watch anyway when you’re face-first in a Neil Gaiman book atop a blow-up raft island, anyway. Remembering what day it is when you’re 2 weeks into vacation is tremendously difficult; thankfully, this salad is not. Continue reading →

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fish market monday: cilantro-lime slaw for fish tacos.

Wait a minute; did I say Fish Market Monday? That I did. Because, people, I’m so on vacation right now it’s not even funny. And when you’re this close to the ocean, your head gets a little wobbly. You feel different, because hey; you can relax. And eat outside on a pool deck. And grill fresh fish. Not the “fresh” fish I am blessed with in my normal landlocked location which hops a flight to get to me, nooooo. Like, FRESH fish. Fish that shakes my hand when I walk up to it fresh. Fish that is up for a game of beach volleyball fresh. Fish that has never seen ice or the inside of a cargo hold fresh. The fish I never, ever get to have except when I am near some sort of ocean. Continue reading →

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farmers’ market mondays: stone fruit salad.

And so my love affair with stone fruit continues.

This will be a brief post, as I am feverishly working through my baking and cooking experiments over the past few weeks to get them out to you. At the same time, I’m packing for my summer vacation, which means I’m knee-deep in potential outfits and iTunes is working overtime trying to find me the best possible summer beach music for our annual vacation soundtrack. In the midst of all this, I’m patiently removing pits from cherries, apricots, plums, and nectarines just for you. Continue reading →

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