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farmhouse salad with wheat beer vinaigrette.

farmhouse salad with wheat beer vinaigrette.

Where. Have. I been?

Well, friends, I’ll tell you; I didn’t drop off the face of the planet, however; I did leave my home state for a 2-week stint in central Florida to assist in a dual move, which felt sort of like leaving the planet. My sweet grandparents moved into a sassy independent living community (because they’re still mega-sassy) while my mother silmuntaenously moved into her new house.

I saw the beach twice.

I did quite a bit of sweating not on the beach.

I missed you.  Continue reading →

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feast magazine, april 2015: bitter greens salad with grape molasses-rosemary vinaigrette and grape molasses-candied walnuts.

Feast Magazine, April 2015: bitter greens salad with grape molasses-rosemary vinaigrette and grape molasses-candied walnuts.

Because making recipe titles a paragraph long is what I do, and I do it well.

 I really liked Elizabeth’s comment last round about locating ingredients; so much so that I thought I’d start formatting these a little differently to help out. It’s my mission in the column to unearth unusual ingredients and give you ideas for how to work with it, but I’d also like you to be able to find it. Some months are easy; I have one coming up that I see all the time – in small bins – at grocery stores everywhere, but others require more effort, an online order, or a special trip.

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feast magazine, march 2015: rainbow noodle bowl with amaranth leaves and spicy peanut dressing.

rainbow noodle salad with amaranth leaves and spicy peanut dressing.

No pig parts this month! In Feast Magazine’s March 2015 edition, I’m highlighting an ingredient which is both massively underused and phenomenally good for you: amaranth leaves. I celebrate them (because you should celebrate them) by throwing them into this Rainbow Noodle Bowl with Spicy Peanut Dressing. 

So, amaranth…sound familiar? We all know the grain by now, and you see it everywhere, happily parked next to the quinoa and farro and all the other oh-so-trendy grains, but what about the plant they came from? It deserves a little love…frankly, it deserves a LOT of love. And i’m not quite sure why it’s not getting it: amaranth leaves are a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals…total powerhouse greens. Their flavor is as smooth as spinach: mild, with a subtle earthiness, way more tame than kale or collards. Plus, they’re hearty and basically grow all year round. So what gives? Why no amaranth leaf love? Continue reading →

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feast magazine, february 2015: warm potato salad + ‘nduja vinaigrette.

'nduja for feast magazine, february 2015.

Vegetarians and vegans, avert your eyes: this month’s Feast ingredient is definitely not for you.

A little peek inside the inner workings of this column: I have zero idea what I’m doing. It’s one of precious few areas in my life where I fly by the seat of my pants. I don’t pick these ingredients based on some vast, specialized knowledge of food, no no: I pick them because they look or sound interesting, or totally strange, and I want to know more about them. Continue reading →

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charred bean sprout salad + marinated baked tofu (but you can use chicken, haters).

charred bean sprout salad with marinated baked tofu.

So, you remember when I was all, “New Year YEAH! Totally going to post more often” and you were all “YEAH can’t wait!” and then I was all

(crickets chirping)

(a lone tumbleweed drifts by)

YEAH! That was more than a week ago, people. I rock hard at New Year’s resolutions, do I not? Hopefully you’re doing just as swimmingly with yours. Continue reading →

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well-seasoned, part one: pastry pockets, a winter salad, and dinner rolls.

well seasoned: recipe collection for feast magazine november 2014.

I wanted to set aside a post or two here to delve a little deeper into the recipes from Feast’s November 2014 issue, if you’ll indulge me. I spent a good amount of time getting each recipe right, and although they could easily (and perhaps deserve to ) be standalone posts, I don’t want to drag it out all month: I have other things to get to, you have other things to get to, and mostly I want you to take the time to see the finished product in the magazine itself, or at the slideshow online. Continue reading →

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feast magazine, june 2014: pomegranate molasses-glazed chicken thighs + tangled arugula and summer berry salad.

pomegranate molasses-glazed chicken thighs + tangled arugula and summer berry salad.

I’m a little late to the party on this one; we’re already 4 days into June, and for reasons relating to my Wee One’s first week home from school and general summer happenings, I’m just now sitting down to write this. This month’s Feast Magazine is a winner; I know this based not only upon what’s inside it, but by the haste in which people snatched it off the shelves this month. My go-to newstand was cleaned out by June 2nd, and the place I finally found them at only had a few left for me to grab: evidently we are a burger-cover-lovin’ type of people here in Saint Louis. I couldn’t be more proud, and that burger on the cover couldn’t be more seductive. Continue reading →

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quinoa + wilted arugula greek salad.

quinoa + wilted arugula greek salad.

In the spring and summer, I’ve noticed a pattern: I go Greek. “Greek” as in Greek salads, homemade Greek dressing, Greek bread, ingredients I normally associate with Greece, and so on. I don’t know what nudges me into that Mediterranean mindset: maybe it’s that I imagine the best place in the world to be right now would be in one of those bleached-stone and-blue roofed hideaways in Santorini overlooking the sea. Maybe it’s that I love history, and Greece is as old as time itself. Maybe it’s just that I love the food.

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spring vegetable salad + miso tahini dressing. also, a wee book review.

spring vegetable salad + miso dressing.

It. Is. Spring. If I just keep repeating that, will it become true? I certainly hope so, because it’s April, which means I’ve crossed over into full denial that it’s still chilly here. Warmth has become a state of mind more than it is an actual reality.

I’m wearing tee shirts.

I’m packing my scarves up.

I’m making this salad.

Because it’s 2 weeks to Easter, and there’s fresh produce everywhere I look, and it’s about time we kicked the chilly weather to the curb, even if right now that means eating like it’s 80 degrees and sunny out. Continue reading →

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feast magazine, february 2014 [part one]: black walnuts.

black walnuts.

So: black walnuts, otherwise known as the nut I was tasked with creating recipes around for this month’s Feast magazine: let’s talk about them. When I was asked to do a feature article on black walnuts, I was obviously elated: me? write a feature? Yes, please: I would love that. I am honored. I am utterly geeked out by your request yes I will do it. But then it dawned on me: black walnuts?

I know nothing about black walnuts.

Now, you could argue here that my entire columnist life is centered around ingredients I largely know nothing about until I work with them for the magazine, but that’s 1 recipe: this time, they were asking for a full writeup and 6-7 recipes. Add to that the direction to balance sweet to savory and make it all winter-centric, and you get one nervous writer.

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