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italian tricolor [rainbow] cookies.

italian tricolor / rainbow cookies.

Okay, so Tricolor / Rainbow cookies – you knew these had to show up this week, right? It’s the quintessential Italian-American bakery treat: those colors aren’t supposed to denote christmas, people, those colors are to celebrate the Italian flag. And they look a little tricky to make, so obviously…here I am, like a moth to a flame. And I brought charts.

italian tricolor [rainbow] cookies.

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feast magazine, january 2014: passion fruit + raspberry curd.

feast magazine january 2014: passion fruit-raspberry curd.

Can we pretend like it’s January yet? Because I’m ready for the new year. I feel like collectively we may be a little worn out from the December holidays (and I’m throwing Thanksgiving in there also, because it was basically in December this year also) and are anxious for the new year to begin. I’ve already made (some of) my new years resolutions – some for myself, some for this space here – and am ready to set those plans in motion. Yesterday, I managed to move an entire room of furniture and exorcise all the clutter demons which existed in the space, and I feel so good inside because of it. Granted, some of that clutter now exists in other rooms, but I’m getting there. Baby steps. Continue reading →

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monday bites: diy dessert bar.

diy dessert bar.

This past weekend, Americans and (I suspect) many others got together and watched the Super Bowl. Some of us hosted parties in honor of the last football game of the season. Some of us got a little too ambitious with the food planning and ended up in tears on the kitchen floor. This, friends, is my story. The details:  Continue reading →

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buttermilk raspberry swirl ice cream sandwiches (part two of two)

buttermilk raspberry swirl ice cream sandwiches, featuring homemade graham crackers.

If you thought yesterday’s post about the brown sugar graham cracker part of this was exciting, well: have I got a treat for you. I hope you readied your ice cream makers as instructed, because it’s time to make what is quite possibly my favorite fruit-swirled ice cream ever: raspberry buttermilk.

Buttermilk ice cream is sublime, especially for those of us for whom there exists a fine line between “delightfully sweet” and “toothache.” It has its own unique sweet tartness; certainly not lemony-tart, but with a tangy finish so refreshing in a world filled with overly sweet ice cream offerings. It’s a little more sophisticated, I think, but not so much that a kid (or an adult with kid-friendly tastes) would stick up their nose at it. The raspberry swirl adds to the sweet/tart balancing act, and the result is an ice cream approved for year-round use. Continue reading →

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monday bites: raspberry lemon buttermilk muffins.

raspberry lemon buttermilk muffins.

I’ve switched obsessions; raspberry is my thing this week, it seems. Call it a mixed berry slump; I feel like I haven’t had decent berries around in forever, and I miss them. Summer berries are my favorite, and although you can find berries in the store right now, they leave a lot to be desired. Thankfully, frozen raspberries are a great substitute, especially when you feel a deep urge to swirl some through ice cream (which you’ll see later this week) or bake them into muffins. Continue reading →

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double chocolate raspberry layer cake.

Valentine’s Day takes an awfully big beating for such a little holiday. It seems like most people either love it or absolutely dread the thought of it. I don’t fall into either category; I’m indifferent, I guess. Or more passive about it. I don’t feel the need to have another “gift” holiday while I’m still recovering from December’s Season of Spending (and I have made that abundantly clear to Mr. Table, although he sometimes chooses not to listen to reason), but I do enjoy having a day to break from normalcy and make a nice dinner. with dessert. Maybe even a ridiculous dessert, like a mile-high layer cake.  Continue reading →

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holiday cookies.

Dedicated to my sister who, for the first time, made a gigantic cookie assortment for her office. I am beyond proud.

This is what I like to call The Tier One Cookie Assortment. All of these cookies are tailor-made to make in large quantities for either many individual gifts or a big office cookie tray. I don’t think it does anyone any favors if you stress over finicky recipes when you’re in the throes of the holiday baking season, so this is my gift to you. Four crazy-simple, crazy-good cookie and bar recipes for you.  Continue reading →

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