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monday bites: toasted coconut + pecan bread.

toasted coconut + pecan bread.

It’s official: my annual brunch obsession has started. I experience this every year, and I think it’s because I begin thinking about Easter. I host it every year (party alert!) and it gets very brunchy around these parts. I know some people eschew the idea of brunch as ridiculous, but I have always been a big fan of the breakfast/lunch combo, especially when it’s well thought out and gives a nod to both meals equally. Don’t give me a bunch of lunch stuff and some eggs; alternatively, keep your full breakfast spread with some salad thrown in for good measure away from me. A good brunch should blend the best of both meals together; it’s not always to do, and that’s why my planning for Easter begins early.  Continue reading →

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cranberry, orange + walnut muffins.

What do you do when you purchase too many cranberries and oranges for your attempt at cranberry orange cornbread stuffing? Make muffins. Make them ahead of time to get the jump on breakfast over the Thanksgiving weekend, because they freeze like a dream. And it saves you a run to the bakery because no one can bring themselves to cook or bake one…more…thing. Maybe that’s just me, but doesn’t everyone get sick of looking at the kitchen after a few days of preparing Thanksgiving dinner? Or, if you’re a perfect hostess and would love nothing more to whip these up during the weekend bustle, be my guest; they don’t take much time to put together.  Continue reading →

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banana breakfast ring.

There may be nothing more luxurious than waking up on a saturday or sunday morning and baking something you intend to eat for breakfast. It feels like a holiday without all the fuss that holidays sometimes bring. It’s even better when the thing you plan on baking doesn’t involve any special ingredients, special mixing techniques, or reading and rereading the recipe 34 times to make sure you’re doing it right.  Continue reading →

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