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charred bean sprout salad + marinated baked tofu (but you can use chicken, haters).

charred bean sprout salad with marinated baked tofu.

So, you remember when I was all, “New Year YEAH! Totally going to post more often” and you were all “YEAH can’t wait!” and then I was all

(crickets chirping)

(a lone tumbleweed drifts by)

YEAH! That was more than a week ago, people. I rock hard at New Year’s resolutions, do I not? Hopefully you’re doing just as swimmingly with yours. Continue reading →

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white chocolate sweet + salty snack mix, momofuku’d.

sweet + salty snack mix, momofuku'd.

Remember the song “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music? You know the one; “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…” and all that? Well, it’s probably one of my favorite songs from one of my most-loved movies, and it invades my brain around this time of year. Because of this, I wrote you a very small song to the tune of My Favorite Things about this recipe. Sing it with me:

“popcorn and peanuts and cornflakes and pretzels
the cornflakes aren’t normal they’re toasted and messed with
vanilla confetti cake crumb’s in there too
this is the snack mix that I made for you

I took all the things and put them in a bowl
then melted white chocolate and poured it in slow
I swirled it and whirled it like momofuku
this is the snack mix that I made for youuuuuuu…” Continue reading →

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good morning sunshine bars.

good morning sunshine bars.

Pre-bathing suit dieters: avert your eyes and avert them now. Go quickly to a health food blog, do an emergency keyword search for things like “quinoa” and “fennel,” and do your best to completely avoid what I have going on here. This is not the post for you. I’m swimming in the sea of early summer fruits as much as the rest of you, but I couldn’t get this out of my head, so here it is. Page one of the newest Baked offering, Baked Elements: The Good Morning Sunshine Bars, finagled by yours truly. And I did do a good amount of finagling here. Continue reading →

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s’mores bark (also known as summer bark.)

Before you get all excited, screaming “I thought you promised us shoddy photos while on vacation!” I should let you know that a) yes, I did promise you that, and shoddy photos you soon shall get, and b) I made these prior to leaving town. I wanted to make sure that if everything went south (like I did) you would still have some treats. Besides, we make these for vacation (I’ll be making them this evening), so I’ve saved everyone here the excruciating pain of waiting until photos are taken before they tear into these. And believe me; you don’t want to be caught in a situation where guests/family/friends see s’mores bark and are told they can’t immediately eat it. You learn quickly that people do indeed bite when provoked. Continue reading →

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banana choco-nuts cookies.

This may (not) come as a surprise to you, but I have a difficult time leaving well enough alone when it comes to food. I have a particular fondness for screwing with…well, everything. Often, my screwing around results in massive, almost laughable failure. I had one of those days the other day where I had too many things planned to cook/bake, and I ruined each and every one of them. Nothing worked. My own lunch didn’t even work. Oh, and the biggest blunder of the day? my experiment in a retro pineapple-upside-down cookie, which looked like a moon rock and had the texture of doughy velvet. Embarrassing. Continue reading →

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winter bark.

This recipe made my holiday food gift-giving ten times easier last year. It was completely by accident; I went looking for a chocolate bark recipe to make simply because I wanted something different to add to the mix. I had just had a baby a few months prior, so I didn’t need anything that involved hand-wringing, forty-six different steps, or undivided attention. I needed one of those “I’m so lying to you right now” food gifts that look difficult but that I could do in my sleep. I may have actually been asleep most of last holiday season, I’m still not sure.  Continue reading →

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