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you’re invited: academy awards party 2015.

 you're invited: oscar party 2015.

par·ty1  /ˈpärdē/

1. a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment.
2. a word used by socially awkward individuals to describe something which happens in the privacy of their own home, usually with very few guests, typically involving decorations and much more food than is necessary.
Such was the case of my most hallowed minor holiday: you can have your Valentine’s Day and your Mardi Gras, so long as you leave me my Academy of Motion Picture Awards Party, a.k.a the Oscar Party.

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muhammara [red pepper + walnut dip] with accompaniments.

muhammara [red pepper + walnut dip]

Feeling snacky? I feel snacky sometimes, more so now that at other times of the year, simply because we’re inside more, it’s colder, and the pantry somehow seems more seductive. If i’m not careful, my snacks can get incredibly boring: reach for the bag of pretzels, maybe some peanut butter, end scene. And that’s okay, but sometimes it’s nice to have something on hand that’s a wee bit more interesting than chips or hummus. This could, by the way, be considered another Things on a Plate installment. Continue reading →

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diy prize board tutorial.

diy prize board tutorial.

Okay! Last tutorial before the big pink cake, and then we’ll dive straight into autumn. Get excited; this one may have been my favorite thing to do, and you can fit the idea into virtually any party that needs prizes. Trivia nights, board game night, birthday parties with games, baby showers, whatever: adults love dumb prizes as much as kids do. Away we go. Continue reading →

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tiny party hats and cream cheese frosting.

party hats and cream cheese frosting.

So, let’s talk hats for baked goods. You saw them at the Wee One’s birthday this year, and everyone seemed to really enjoy them. I liked them too; not only for how cute they were, but how easy they were to construct. Lots of us have storage bins filled with decorative cupcake holders: remember that one New Year’s Eve party that you just had to have glitter holders? Or that baby shower you threw? Or the adorable holders you found and you just knew they’d be great in photos? Those cupcake holders. And those are basically all you need. Continue reading →

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tutuorial: diy tissue fringe garland.

fringe garland tutorial.

So you’d like to know how to make a fringe garland like the Wee One had at her third birthday? Of course you do; we can lie to ourselves and say that they’re just for kids, but deep down inside, we all want this garland for our own birthday parties. It’s Autumn (officially; I called it), which means the onslaught of all sorts of holidays, all of which you could use this garland for. Best part? Little to no actual talent required (are you allowed to operate scissors? you’re golden) and it comes together very easily. It’s inexpensive – or possibly free – provided you’re the type that scurries away unripped tissue from gifts every year because it looks to pretty to just toss away and that you are also in possession of basic craft supplies. I’m fairly certain there’s a strong correlation between those two things, anyway, so away we go: here’s how to make a fringe garland for parties. Continue reading →

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you’re invited: the wee one’s birthday, 2013.

you're invited: wee one's birthday 2013.

Obviously it’s taken way too long for me to get this post out. Seriously, it’s a birthday party. No recipe, no step-by-step instructions, no nothing; just cake and some tissue paper and a few games. I think I’ve been overthinking it because I’ve been looking at it as my first post back from hiatus, as if it needs to be some mega-incredible thing, and it doesn’t.

It’s a birthday. for a now three-year-old. And that’s pretty incredible all by itself, I think. Here’s what we did this year, and maybe this year more than ever, I wish all of you had been there. Why? We had games and a new swing set, and you all would have really enjoyed yourselves. Let’s get on with it, shall we? Continue reading →

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fourth of july weekend 2013.

fourth of july burgers, 2013.

Hiiii! *waves furiously* Did the Fourth of July weekend whisk right past us or what? I would have written sooner, but I’ve been busy.

fourth of july 2013.

fourth of july 2013.

fourth of july 2013.

Sooooooo busy. Continue reading →

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monday bites: diy dessert bar.

diy dessert bar.

This past weekend, Americans and (I suspect) many others got together and watched the Super Bowl. Some of us hosted parties in honor of the last football game of the season. Some of us got a little too ambitious with the food planning and ended up in tears on the kitchen floor. This, friends, is my story. The details:  Continue reading →

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The short story on why there is no Farmers’ Market Monday this week? Failed recipes. I tried new things, they were fine, but they weren’t good enough for you. And that’s important to me; I want to give you crazy good things, not “well, this isn’t bad” things. Besides, just this morning I made a pear dessert which will blow your mind. More on that later this week. Also, I was in the middle of writing this post, and the how-to’s are a doozy. My mind was on buttermints, not farmers’ markets.

I’m backed up on posts anyway; I don’t mind admitting that. I tease you with things on Facebook, only to not post them until a month later. That has to be some sort of blogging sin; there should be rules against this sort of irresponsible behavior. Looks like it’s time to play “post catch-up,” a fun little game in which i take all my backlogged things I’ve made for you and let them finally see the light of day. First, we do buttermints, because I know a certain someone named Carol Anne may lose it if I don’t tell her how to make these. Continue reading →

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you’re invited: state fair birthday party.

So, we had this little state fair birthday party yesterday. You know, the one I’ve been telling you about, for the (now two-year-old) Wee One. I’ve been stringing pennant garland and fashioning felt animals for three solid weeks now. And if you think I have a Farmers’ Market Monday post today, you’re wrong; because unless you want my recipe for buying pre-made broccoli slaw and adding matchsticked fresh carrots to it to make it look classy, I don’t have anything for you. What I do have is a little recap of how the day was spent, and some of the other food I made for the party.

Today is also my blog birthday, people. It’s been one year since I started working on this, and I’m happy to say it’s been great. To celebrate, I’ll be rolling out a few new sections on the blog over September, and I hope you like them. I’ll be back in a few days with more recipes, and we’ll be back to our normal fun around here. Right now, I have some felt animals to clean up.

Enjoy the party, and thank you for coming. Continue reading →