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butternut squash + apple muffins with a cinnamon-vanilla doughnut glaze. also, writing is wonderful.

butternut + apple muffins with cinnamon vanilla glaze.

BIG NEWS, FRIENDS: I am now an esteemed journalist. Well, maybe not “esteemed” as of yet; basically, someone actually put my words in print and I didn’t even beg them to.

Just yesterday, the September issue of Feast Magazine hit the stands, and I am listed in it as a contributing writer. You saw me contribute to their online site a few months back, which was thrilling in and of itself, but being in the print edition is huge. And, best of all, I’m in it twice: once as part of a feature on kitchen gadgets alongside some of my favorite local bloggers, and again in my own column, which I’ll be writing every month. As you may guess, I’m writing this on a cloud floating high in the sky above my desk right now; I am elated.

So let’s talk about the articles, shall we?  Continue reading →

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monday bites: raspberry lemon buttermilk muffins.

raspberry lemon buttermilk muffins.

I’ve switched obsessions; raspberry is my thing this week, it seems. Call it a mixed berry slump; I feel like I haven’t had decent berries around in forever, and I miss them. Summer berries are my favorite, and although you can find berries in the store right now, they leave a lot to be desired. Thankfully, frozen raspberries are a great substitute, especially when you feel a deep urge to swirl some through ice cream (which you’ll see later this week) or bake them into muffins. Continue reading →

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black + white zucchini muffins with pineapple curd.

Operation: Adopt a Zucchini* is in full swing: welcome to my second post this week about what to do when you have an overabundance of zucchini and no idea as to how to use them up. I know if you’re in a CSA anywhere near here, you probably have a ton of these things. You can grill them, gratin them, make them into ribbons if you wish; all of those ideas are ones I’ve availed myself of in recent weeks. But if your taste buds grow weary from all the savory zucchini-ing, use them for something on the sweeter side: black and white zucchini muffins.

*there is still no Operation: Adopt a Zucchini. It’s entirely fiction. It has, however, been suggested we create a 5K run for the organization in order to raise awareness about the homeless zucchini problem. It has been taken under advisement, and there’s a good chance it will happen next year. Before you ask, there will, in fact, be tee shirts.  Continue reading →

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pick-your-fruit + ginger muffins.

Let’s hear it for the fruits! Just in general, really, summer fruit has been stellar this year. I’m not thrilled with the temperatures this summer, but if it’s even partially responsible for the abundance of fruit  we have, I guess I’ll take it. I’ve had more juicy, perfectly ripe fruit than you can shake a thermometer at, and although I’m looking forward to the fall when things cool off a bit and I can dig into root vegetables and leaf-collecting with the Wee One, I’ll miss the cornucopia of delicious fruits (and vegetables) this summer has brought me. A special thank you goes out to my garden, which has STILL not died in the heat. Garden, you’re the best. thank you for making me think, on our best days, that I could manage a modest farm. I couldn’t, let’s get real, but thank you for allowing me to feel like I could. Continue reading →

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blueberry pie muffins.

I struggle with writer’s block under the weirdest of circumstances. I’m in the middle of a bout currently, and I suspect this time it’s pollen-related. Simply put, I can not think. Mind you, it doesn’t keep me from baking, but I can only summon enough energy to eat what I make; writing about it is out of the question. So I’ve had a little bit of a delay with posts, and for that, I apologize. Having writer’s block does make me appreciate, however, everyone (including quite a few of you) who have real writing jobs which demand, among other things, real deadlines. I remember deadlines. I remember meeting them. I remember thinking I would never be able to meet them. I remember crying in frustration and not being able to write a thing sometimes. Because of that, and my current cage match with spring allergies, I have the fiercest appreciation for those of us who write because we want to, and because we love it, but also because we have a job to finish. Continue reading →

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cranberry, orange + walnut muffins.

What do you do when you purchase too many cranberries and oranges for your attempt at cranberry orange cornbread stuffing? Make muffins. Make them ahead of time to get the jump on breakfast over the Thanksgiving weekend, because they freeze like a dream. And it saves you a run to the bakery because no one can bring themselves to cook or bake one…more…thing. Maybe that’s just me, but doesn’t everyone get sick of looking at the kitchen after a few days of preparing Thanksgiving dinner? Or, if you’re a perfect hostess and would love nothing more to whip these up during the weekend bustle, be my guest; they don’t take much time to put together.  Continue reading →

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pumpkin muffins.

I’m just going to say it: there may be more than a few pumpkin-themed posts in the next month or so. The return of the pumpkin season is a pretty big deal around here, and I typically have sensory overload from seeing pumpkin-based recipes in every magazine, email, and food show I happen upon. This year, we’re starting simple: the World’s Most Perfect Pumpkin Muffin. Continue reading →

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