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citrusy lemonade.

Just a little bonus post for you here, because summer is beginning and I know some of us are gearing up for (or are in the midst of) sweltering summer heat. It’s a holiday weekend here, and I know many of us will break out the barbecue grills and dust off the outdoor furniture to celebrate appropriately. Some of us have pools which will open, and more than a few of us will lament eating cookies and cake all winter as we slide ourselves into swimwear which “could fit better, but it’s not so bad.” Continue reading →

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sponge cake; take one.

I really missed the boat on proper cake-making. I am obviously not professionally trained in any way, and when i started trying to learn how to really make food, it really didn’t occur to me to learn about the differences between a genoise and a sponge. I knew the difference between white and yellow. Angel and devil. Normal and flourless.  Continue reading →

summer’s end lemon curd.

Goodbye, Summer.

And I mean it: bye-bye. You can go now. Take all the heat with you, and the humidity, quit drying out the grass and the trees and making everyone sweaty. I’m so sick of you, go away, you make me miserable. It’s time for Fall.

But: before you go, and since you seem so intent on sticking around for one last big hot sticky hurrah, I’ll celebrate your upcoming departure by making lemon curd.  Continue reading →

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