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crispy kale + bacon toasts with lemony white bean puree.

crispy kale + bacon toasts with lemony white bean puree.

Because toast posts > pumpkin spice lattes any day of the week.

Even in the fall, because I know the PSL’s are in full swing – I myself have refrained thus far, and will continue to do so until October; September is reserved for chai and chai only.

So, this toast: as usual, there are a few components to this (the hallmark of my recipes by now: components!), all of them incredibly simple and involving small amounts of time. What you see before you is:

  • Baguette, sliced and oven-toasted
  • White beans puréed with a few tasty things
  • Crispy oven-roasted kale
  • Bacon.

Nothing to it, right? Seriously, bake those toasts, fry that bacon, whirl that bean puree, crisp those kale leaves. Done. Cozy toast for a Tuesday afternoon, or a pretty great alternative to that chicken wing dip appetizer you internally gag at the thought of even though football season has barely begun. Continue reading →

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feast magazine, march 2014: cheese-filled pannenkoeken + lemon-blueberry sauce.

cheese-filled pannenkoeken with blueberry lemon sauce.

Full disclosure: I’ve fled Saint Louis for the sandy beaches and international octogenarian culture of southwest Florida. Everyone is down here, friends: license plates from almost every state were represented in a downtown parking lot yesterday, including some from Canada. I hear there’s another round of bad weather headed for you, so I’ll spare you the weather report from here; it would just make you angry. My own personal weather report, however, is warm and happy, with a sun index of 9 and a 5% chance of returning to my homeland before May. Winter may not be over, but I’m pretty over winter. Continue reading →

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three-cheese asparagus pizza with lemon.

three-cheese asparagus pizza.

You want to make a 3-year-old’s (food) dreams come true? Okay, cupcakes, but also, let them make their own pizza and then eat it. I don’t know about other 3-year-olds, but the one I belong to loves it when she gets to assist in food preparation, especially when the outcome is one of the two things I mentioned above. And honestly, the same thing probably holds true for most of the adults among us as well. Continue reading →

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wintery kale salad (with roasted things.)

winter kale salad with roasted cauliflower, tomatoes, walnuts, and goat cheese.

Because who am I to hide the fact that I’m trying to eat better and turn over a new, less-sugary leaf just like most of you? Truthfully, I think that something flips a switch in me each January that makes me not only want to eat healthier, but rather demands it. My body basically shuts down if I don’t start inhaling greens and vegetables regularly by the first week of January, and thankfully, I enjoy eating like that, so it’s not too much of a thing aside from a minor habit adjustment.

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(any) fruit curd tartlets + meringue twists.

fruit curd tartlets + meringue hats.

How’s that for a title? Because that’s really what they are; little vanilla tuille cookies shaped like ruffly free-form tartlets, filled with your choice of creamy fruit curd, and topped with a twist of meringue cookie. I made these around the same time as that angel food cake and grapefruit curd; so many of you mentioned that you hate wasting either the egg whites or yolks when you make a dessert which uses either one or the other, and I thought this was another great way to use both parts at the same time. The tuilles use 4 egg whites, and the meringues take 6, so find a fruit curd you love that uses around 10 egg yolks, and you’re all set. Continue reading →

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lemon almond cake. (flourless)

lemon almond cake.

Admittedly, this is not my best photo. Simple cakes get a raw deal in that they are so elegant and beautiful in real life, but often difficult (for me) to capture on film. I promise you, it is gorgeous in real life. 

In my quest to learn more about Jewish holidays and the foods associated with them, I committed myself to making something for each (major? I’m a non-Jewish person, so I don’t know how to classify these) holiday. Since I am new to this, all of my offerings have been after the actual holiday has occurred. First, there was the great hamantaschen experiment for Purim; I got so caught up in oil-based versus butter-based hamantaschen and homemade jam fillings that those didn’t show up until the week after Purim. Now, here we are at my contribution for Passover, which has come and gone, and evidently we’re just days away from the holiday which falls 7 weeks after Passover, so it’s safe to say that I’m tardy in posting this one too. Please forgive me: I’ve decided to expand my Jewish food exploration to two years in the hopes that next year I’ll be ahead of schedule. Continue reading →

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monday bites: mini lemon tarts.

mini lemon tarts.

So I spent the last 4 days on muscle relaxers. On accident. Here’s my story, and then we’ll bake something, I promise.

I had an appointment to discuss a resurgence of headaches with my doctor, and as luck would have it, I happened upon a sinus infection just before my scheduled visit. Went in Thursday, had to wait an hour and a half due to some sort of random emergency earlier in the day, and found out that my doctor’s office was having one of those comedic “everything is going wrong” sort of days.

Warning: this is not a good time to discuss multiple events with your doctor, because neither of you are 100% functional. I ended up finally seeing her during what was to be her lunch hour, and you know how people get when they haven’t eaten anything. Moving on. Continue reading →

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monday bites: raspberry lemon buttermilk muffins.

raspberry lemon buttermilk muffins.

I’ve switched obsessions; raspberry is my thing this week, it seems. Call it a mixed berry slump; I feel like I haven’t had decent berries around in forever, and I miss them. Summer berries are my favorite, and although you can find berries in the store right now, they leave a lot to be desired. Thankfully, frozen raspberries are a great substitute, especially when you feel a deep urge to swirl some through ice cream (which you’ll see later this week) or bake them into muffins. Continue reading →

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lemon ginger fizzballs.

lemon ginger fizzballs.

So far, in 2013, I have:

  1. Cleaned my house
  2. Re-cleaned my house
  3. Stared at the open fridge for an innumerable amount of hours
  4. Stared at my laptop for an innumerable amount of hours
  5. Eaten a few lemon bars
  6. Ordered new yoga pants and raided J. Crew (sales, people; sales)
  7. Wandered around aimlessly
  8. Downloaded some new music for my “to-the-death!” workouts, which begin next week
  9. Joined Twitter/become fascinated by Twitter in the way that cats are fascinated by those laser pointer things
  10. Attempted to write approximately 15 different posts
  11. Successfully written zero posts.

That’s right, everyone; the holidays have done me in (temporarily.) It’s almost comical how much I can’t form a complete sentence. My photos look like they were taken by a drunken sea turtle. I blame my OCD-ish need for a schedule; my mom and my sister came in for Thanksgiving, then left, then came back again for Christmas and New Years. Between visits, I ran around finishing up decorating, present-obtaining, and wrapping. That’s like a whole month without my routine intact. Do you know what that does to a person who likes to do the same exact things every day? Continue reading →

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lemon poppyseed ginger biscotti.

‘Tis the season for giving, right? I mean, I gave away my votes to the Wee One yesterday during Ginger 2012, and today I gave Dana over at Whisks & Words a guest post (my very first one, ever); she’s doing a 12 Days of Cookies series, and I am honored to be day nine. What’s more, it’s a recipe I have only because Movita Beaucoup gave me my first-ever copy of Canadian Living Magazine this year; a tradition I hope we continue, because it is filled to the brim with fantastic holiday baking ideas, including these little biscotti treats.

I’ve successfully completed all my cookie deadlines, and am now focusing on appetizers for various weekend parties I’m invited to. I’ll be sharing some of these with you in a few days, but in the meantime, you should relax. Kick back. Do a little pre-holiday chilling. Maybe even make my pre-holiday chill-worthy Lemon Poppyseed Ginger Biscotti. That’s what I made for Dana, and the post is right here.

To those of you who voted for me or my sweet Wee One’s ginger house yesterday, you’re wonderful; even though she didn’t win, we had the best time watching all day to see how well she was doing (for much of the day, she was in second place, and that’s pretty big considering she has a tiny house covered in cereal.) So I thank you; it made my day and hers.

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