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sticky bun ice cream with cinnamon-pecan swirl and a new series; the Jeni’s Spinalong!

pecan sticky bun ice cream and a new series

It’s March! Which I’m greeting with equal parts “yay!” and “wait, what?” because it truly feels like January and February flew by.

I had time to make you ice cream though! And so did Natalie at Wee Eats. We decided to do a little joint venture this year: a quarterly post where we decide on a theme, pick a Jeni’s ice cream as a starting point, and use our individual dessert superpowers to come up with an ice cream befitting the theme we have chosen. We call it The Jeni’s Spinalong with – quite obviously – Natalie and Shannon. Continue reading →

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Windmill [Speculoos] Cookie Ice Cream + Windmill Pie Crust Crumbs.

windmill [speculoos] cookie ice cream + windmill cookie pie crumb.

Part two of the pumpkin almond cake-tacular: the toppings. More specifically, windmill cookie ice cream and windmill cookie pie crumb. I hope you chilled your ice cream makers like I told you, because here. we. go.

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double dark chocolate-dipped fresh mint ice cream sandwiches.

double dark chocolate-dipped mint ice cream sandwiches.

Things this post has in common with my spinach turkey burgers post:

1. both are sandwiches.

2. both have delightfully green middles.

And that is where the similarities end, friends. Because this is a post about maybe the most refreshing thing you will make and subsequently inhale all summer long.

Probably all year long. Continue reading →

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almond cupcakes with chocolate ganache + a word about ice cream parties.

almond cupcakes + chocolate ganache.

I made no cake for my birthday this year. This was by design. I wasn’t in the mood for cake: for crafting it or for eating it, and if you cook or bake regularly, you probably understand that you go through phases where the things which sound incredible to others are the things you want to be the furthest away from. So no cake was made this year, and I was perfectly okay with that.

Mr. Table is not a food blogger: probably the furthest thing from it, which means he’s all in for birthday cake. And what’s birthday cake without ice cream, right? So I threw together a little dessert featuring these beautiful things. Although not a proper layered birthday cake, the original recipe is for almond cake layers from the Piece of Cake cookbook. You remember that one: a few of you have purchased it by now, based on these gloriously be-sprinkled sugar cookies and these incredibly fun chocolate chip cupcakes. It’s a fabulous book, and these cupcakes are more proof of that. Continue reading →

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orange five-spice + chile ice cream.

orange five spice + chile ice cream.

Because why not celebrate an ancient tradition with something not at all traditional? This is my contribution to the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities; an ice cream with some classic Chinese flavors and a little bit of heat. Don’t be scared: the final product isn’t as wild as you may think. Imagine how homemade orange rolls taste when they’re fresh from the oven: you smell the spice of cinnamon, the sweetness of orange, and the overall effect is a feeling of warmth and comfort. That’s very much how this ice cream tastes, only with a little extra something to make it exotic. Continue reading →

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buttermilk raspberry swirl ice cream sandwiches (part two of two)

buttermilk raspberry swirl ice cream sandwiches, featuring homemade graham crackers.

If you thought yesterday’s post about the brown sugar graham cracker part of this was exciting, well: have I got a treat for you. I hope you readied your ice cream makers as instructed, because it’s time to make what is quite possibly my favorite fruit-swirled ice cream ever: raspberry buttermilk.

Buttermilk ice cream is sublime, especially for those of us for whom there exists a fine line between “delightfully sweet” and “toothache.” It has its own unique sweet tartness; certainly not lemony-tart, but with a tangy finish so refreshing in a world filled with overly sweet ice cream offerings. It’s a little more sophisticated, I think, but not so much that a kid (or an adult with kid-friendly tastes) would stick up their nose at it. The raspberry swirl adds to the sweet/tart balancing act, and the result is an ice cream approved for year-round use. Continue reading →

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momofuku-inspired cornflake chocolate chip + marshmallow ice cream.

There’s a scene in the movie Garden State (good movie, terrific soundtrack; check it out) where Zach Braff and Natalie Portman are hanging out after Zach meets her in/gives her a ride home from the hospital. Natalie reveals her belief that all awkward moments can be banished by doing something completely unique; some motion, or sound, or anything, really, that no one has ever done before. Then she does something random with her arms, they both laugh, and everyone feels better. Now, I didn’t make this ice cream because I felt awkward, but it did make me feel a little more confident about my ice-cream-creation skills. Because it is unique, and I really hope maybe it hasn’t been done before. This recipe is not a Momofuku Milk Bar original (except for the cornflake crunch and cereal milk, which are recipes adapted from the book), but rather an ode to how much I am inspired by the flavor combinations contained in that precious tome. I worked hard on it, and I hope you love it as much as I do; so now, I give you Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Ice Cream. Continue reading →

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stolen ice cream + awards, thank you.

Wouldn’t you know it; I had this post written and almost ready to go when adorable Sara at Stalk My Kitchen goes and gives me an award. So Sara, thank you so very much; I promise in my next awards round-up I will steal one of your recipes and give you a proper thanks. 

This post has been a long time coming, but it’s about time I say thank you for a few awards I’ve been given over the past few months or so. As it turns out, time does actually fly when you’re doing something you genuinely love, and we’re running up on my 1-year blog birthday. That’s right, people;  I’ve been doing this for almost one full year. August 20th will mark the actual day, but I’ll be celebrating a little bit in my head for the entire month. Celebrating that I actually did this, love doing this, and have you all to keep me company and encourage me forward while I continue to do this. Some way, somehow, I’ve managed to accumulate a few awards from fellow bloggers (and friends) along the way. I don’t know about you, but I feel like the best way to say thank you is to steal their ice cream recipes, make them for myself, and talk about them a little bit. So here goes nothing. Continue reading →

farmers’ market monday: sweet corn gelato.

For Katherine, who made me laugh when I accidentally published this with all photos and no words a few months ago. Katherine: thank you for making me feel less like an idiot and making my day. I hope you like the words as much as the photos this time.

I really needed to get my act together with this sweet corn gelato; I made it, I loved it, I lost my mind over how amazingly strange and exciting and incredibly good it was, and then…nothing. Nada. The words wouldn’t come. I tried, and my mind went blank, although some of that may have been from the massive brain-freeze I had from eating this repeatedly. So, in light of it being ice cream week last week, Target carrying freeze-dried corn for the first time ever (more on that later), and the abundance of corn we have in farmers’ markets currently, I give you this week’s Farmers’ Market Monday: sweet corn gelato. Continue reading →

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pretzel ice cream + pretzel crunch.

Well. You are going to need to get several bags of pretzels. In fact, if I were you, I’d just carefully set the device you are reading this on down, just close it on up, and go get at least 2 bags of mini-twists. Maybe 3, because it’s better to be safe than sorry. And you’ll be sorry if you run out of either one of these pretzel treats. I’m being so totally serious when I say that once you have tasted this, you may begin shaking at the mere thought of not having it readily available to you at all times. You think I’m overreacting? You haven’t had this ice cream. You think maybe pretzel ice cream sounds weird/frightening/not delicious? Think again. Continue reading →

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