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chocolate-covered cherry, apricot, + walnut biscotti.

chocolate-covered cherry, apricot, + walnut biscotti.

It’s American Thanksgiving week, friends! Are you hosting this year? Are you stoked about your menus? Have you thought about what you’ll do with the leftovers yet? Of course you have, because that’s what food-centric individuals do this year: focus 100% of their efforts on the prepping, pre- and post-game, and general food merry-go-round which revolves around the main event happening this Thursday. Hooray for Thanksgiving, I say. Continue reading →

Well-Seasoned: a feature article + recipes for Feast Magazine.

well-seasoned: a feature article for Feast Magazine.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Feast asked me to do a feature article for the November issue. Here’s how they asked (I’m paraphrasing):

“Shannon, we’d like to feature some locally-packaged products in the magazine, and we think you’d be a good fit for it. We’ll need an intro and some recipe development. Would you be interested?”

Here’s what I heard:

“Shannon, It’s your turn to make thanksgiving dinner this year…for everyone.”

My sophisticated response:

(trepidation…hesitation…doubting myself…) OKAY!!!” *exceedingly large grin*

I equate November issues of food magazines to the September issues of Vogue: important, defining, and critical to the advancement of the human race. Food-centric magazines I don’t buy any other time of year end up in my house during November because of the recipes. Continue reading →

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bloody brains petit fours [for halloween, silly.]

bloody brains petit fours.

That’s not a typo: I said brains.

It’s Halloween week! and around my house, that means Halloween craft projects, a near-constant debate over what costume to wear, and me holding off on buying candy until right before Halloween night due to my lack of control around the sweets of my youth.

allow me to give you this little Halloween project to make, if you so desire, for your Halloween festivities. Totally kid-friendly by design, but adults will love them also; anyone can make these, and if I were that kind of blogger, I’d call these “6-ingredient popcorn petit fours.” Continue reading →

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you’re invited: the wee one’s birthday party, 2014.

you're invited: the wee one's birthday, 2014.

The Wee One is officially 4 years old! Can you believe it? She’s got some nerve, growing up this fast. When I started the blog, she looked like this:

you're invited: the wee one's birthday, 2014.


Now, she looks like this: grown up enough to be slightly awkward and self-conscious in posed photographs. To me, it’s just another delightful way in which she and I are identical. Continue reading →

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tsoureki! [greek easter bread.]


Hello, and welcome to perhaps the only recipe I’ve ever made which makes use of not one, not two, but all three of your stand mixer’s standard attachments. Hooray! It’s like the Holy Grail of Baking.

People of Greece: I want to thank you for this bread. Thank you for making this an essential part of your Greek Easter celebration, thank you for its incredible flavor, its delightful sweetness, and most especially for my ability to make it on my very first try without utter failure. I would have cried had it not worked out, because just the scent of the dough was enough for me to long for it. Seriously, this may be my most favorite sweet dough ever. And I’m going to show you how to make it. Continue reading →

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easy holiday teachers’ gifts (featuring cinnamon ornaments.)

easy teacher gifts.

Food is on the way, friends: I promise you. But until then, we craft.

I hope, for those of you who have school-age children, that you didn’t miss the boat on teachers’ gifts this year. The half-hour of my yesterday I spent at the Wee One’s preschool only confirmed what I already knew, and that is that teachers of pre-school age children deserve to be paid way more than football players, actors, or anyone else, for that matter. Have you ever spent any amount of time with 20+ 3 year olds? It’ll steal a part of your soul. It will suck the life force right out of you. You’ll feel like curling up into a tiny ball and hiding under very small furniture. There is not enough time on this earth for me to outline the amount of things I’d rather do than spend 5 minutes with pre-kindergarteners. Except for mine, and she is awesome. Continue reading →

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random things + a Just One Question Project-inspired experiment.

snow day, 2013.

It snowed this morning! I was greeted by the severe quiet early this morning, before normal people are awake. I love it before everyone tries to channel Rambo out there with the shovels and dig their way to civilization. Overeager, I think: it’s the weekend. chill out. Drink some coffee, leave my snow.

snow, early morning.

So I don’t know if you’ve noticed the utter lack of food coming out of here right now, but it’s mostly going to continue on as such for the next week. Besides, all of you really seem to have this holiday food down, and the minute I think of something, one of you posts something better. If you don’t believe me, just know that I’m making things from some of your blogs this year for Mr. Table’s treats trays, and I am certain they’ll be adored.Thank you for that: next year, I’ll make Christmas food right along with the rest of you. And I may still this year, if something hits the mark. Right now it’s really a battle of simultaneously wanting to do everything and nothing, and if I start to work on holiday food posts, no one is getting presents this year. Continue reading →

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feast magazine, december 2013: marrons glace chocolate cups.

marrons glace chocolate cups for Feast Magazine.

It’s December! Can you believe it? Neither can I, and we’ve got tons to do with getting holiday gifts together, trimming trees, and all the other things which go along with this time of year. The December 2013 Feast Magazine is out, and in it, I make a recipe with something I’ve never heard of prior to this assignment: the marron glacé. Continue reading →

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tutuorial: diy tissue fringe garland.

fringe garland tutorial.

So you’d like to know how to make a fringe garland like the Wee One had at her third birthday? Of course you do; we can lie to ourselves and say that they’re just for kids, but deep down inside, we all want this garland for our own birthday parties. It’s Autumn (officially; I called it), which means the onslaught of all sorts of holidays, all of which you could use this garland for. Best part? Little to no actual talent required (are you allowed to operate scissors? you’re golden) and it comes together very easily. It’s inexpensive – or possibly free – provided you’re the type that scurries away unripped tissue from gifts every year because it looks to pretty to just toss away and that you are also in possession of basic craft supplies. I’m fairly certain there’s a strong correlation between those two things, anyway, so away we go: here’s how to make a fringe garland for parties. Continue reading →

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fourth of july weekend 2013.

fourth of july burgers, 2013.

Hiiii! *waves furiously* Did the Fourth of July weekend whisk right past us or what? I would have written sooner, but I’ve been busy.

fourth of july 2013.

fourth of july 2013.

fourth of july 2013.

Sooooooo busy. Continue reading →

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