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feast magazine, october 2014: rambutan + ginger-poached pear sorbet.

feast magazine, october 2014: rambutan + poached pear sorbet.

It’s been a busy weekend, friends: in the last 48 hours, I painted my entire bedroom, picked 25 pounds of apples (none of which will go to waste, I assure you), and somehow managed to land my marshmallow fluff banana cream pie in a Buzzfeed slideshow. Also, Alice Medrich followed me on Twitter and I almost stroked out with excitement because I have mad respect for that woman. In the meantime, Feast Magazine expanded their coverage, celebrated the launch at Knife & Pork in Kansas City, and WON AN EMMY for the August 2013 episode of Feast TV at the Mid-America Emmys. And yes, I did shout that, because I’m super proud of them. Continue reading →

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spring vegetable salad + miso tahini dressing. also, a wee book review.

spring vegetable salad + miso dressing.

It. Is. Spring. If I just keep repeating that, will it become true? I certainly hope so, because it’s April, which means I’ve crossed over into full denial that it’s still chilly here. Warmth has become a state of mind more than it is an actual reality.

I’m wearing tee shirts.

I’m packing my scarves up.

I’m making this salad.

Because it’s 2 weeks to Easter, and there’s fresh produce everywhere I look, and it’s about time we kicked the chilly weather to the curb, even if right now that means eating like it’s 80 degrees and sunny out. Continue reading →

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oatmeal cookie pies + ginger coconut filling.

oatmeal cookie pies.

American Thanksgiving is a week away, and I’ve been thinking about our menu. Rather, I’ve been making gigantic, multi-page lists of recipes I want to make and then realizing that since I’m NOT having 150 people over for dinner, that I’d better whittle it down. Seems as though this year, I’m wanting to go heavy on the vegetable offerings, and I like the idea of a sophisticated appetizer or two, but there’s been one aspect of the meal I’ve given nary a thought to: dessert.

Is it me, or does Thanksgiving just seem like The Required Pie Holiday? Pie everywhere, all the time. Does anyone make cake or cookies for Thanksgiving? We never have. Certainly pie is wonderful, and probably steeped in tradition, but who’s to say we can’t veer off that path a little bit? And I mean more than just turning a pie into a tart, friends: I mean actual un-pie-like desserts. Continue reading →

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vanilla almond granola.

vanilla almond granola.

I’ve been secretly making this granola for far too long not to tell you about it. It started a few months ago, when Faygie at Life Tastes Good posted it. I love her anyway, but I was hooked instantly: a plain vanilla granola? From someone who I know loves vanilla and treats it like a flavor and not just an ingredient? Yes, please. Growing up, vanilla ice cream is all I would eat. Seems weird now, considering I’d try almost any flavor you’d put in front of me, but I just didn’t see any need to venture out when vanilla ice cream was my jam. I didn’t like to muddy the waters. I wasn’t the kid who wanted chocolate chips, marshmallows, or chunks of bubble gum in it (gross; do they even still make that?); just hand over the plain vanilla and I was (and still am) happy. Continue reading →

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lemon ginger fizzballs.

lemon ginger fizzballs.

So far, in 2013, I have:

  1. Cleaned my house
  2. Re-cleaned my house
  3. Stared at the open fridge for an innumerable amount of hours
  4. Stared at my laptop for an innumerable amount of hours
  5. Eaten a few lemon bars
  6. Ordered new yoga pants and raided J. Crew (sales, people; sales)
  7. Wandered around aimlessly
  8. Downloaded some new music for my “to-the-death!” workouts, which begin next week
  9. Joined Twitter/become fascinated by Twitter in the way that cats are fascinated by those laser pointer things
  10. Attempted to write approximately 15 different posts
  11. Successfully written zero posts.

That’s right, everyone; the holidays have done me in (temporarily.) It’s almost comical how much I can’t form a complete sentence. My photos look like they were taken by a drunken sea turtle. I blame my OCD-ish need for a schedule; my mom and my sister came in for Thanksgiving, then left, then came back again for Christmas and New Years. Between visits, I ran around finishing up decorating, present-obtaining, and wrapping. That’s like a whole month without my routine intact. Do you know what that does to a person who likes to do the same exact things every day? Continue reading →

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lemon poppyseed ginger biscotti.

‘Tis the season for giving, right? I mean, I gave away my votes to the Wee One yesterday during Ginger 2012, and today I gave Dana over at Whisks & Words a guest post (my very first one, ever); she’s doing a 12 Days of Cookies series, and I am honored to be day nine. What’s more, it’s a recipe I have only because Movita Beaucoup gave me my first-ever copy of Canadian Living Magazine this year; a tradition I hope we continue, because it is filled to the brim with fantastic holiday baking ideas, including these little biscotti treats.

I’ve successfully completed all my cookie deadlines, and am now focusing on appetizers for various weekend parties I’m invited to. I’ll be sharing some of these with you in a few days, but in the meantime, you should relax. Kick back. Do a little pre-holiday chilling. Maybe even make my pre-holiday chill-worthy Lemon Poppyseed Ginger Biscotti. That’s what I made for Dana, and the post is right here.

To those of you who voted for me or my sweet Wee One’s ginger house yesterday, you’re wonderful; even though she didn’t win, we had the best time watching all day to see how well she was doing (for much of the day, she was in second place, and that’s pretty big considering she has a tiny house covered in cereal.) So I thank you; it made my day and hers.

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monday bites: cherry walnut bark clusters.

I had big plans for this weekend. Homemade pizza and kid movie night, lots of food-gift baking (finally, right?), perfecting a few recipes so I can put them on here, a little gingerbread house decorating. You know; normal holiday stuff.
But then this happened.
And things seemed a long way from normal. I tend to be an emotional person. I don’t burst into tears constantly, or act strangely, but I do find myself feeling things in a pretty deep way. I take things seriously; mom says I’ve always been a serious person, even as a child. I think, I ponder, I mull things over until I have sufficiently rolled them around in my brain and sorted them out. Those character traits do me no favors when events like this happens. Continue reading →
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