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candy bars [made from healthy things.]

candy bars.

Experts say re-entry is one of the most difficult and critical parts of space travel. Get your trajectory wrong, and you’re subject to a whole host of problems, the biggest of which is drag. The FAA states that the reentry of spacecraft isn’t all that much different from a skipped rock entering a placid lake:

“[Astronauts] must plan to hit the atmosphere at the precise angle and speed for a safe landing. If they hit too steeply or too fast, they risk making a big “splash,” which would mean a fiery end. If their impact is too shallow, they may literally skip off the atmosphere and back into the cold of space.” -Federal Aviation Administration, section 4.1.7, Returning From Space: Re-Entry

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almond cupcakes with chocolate ganache + a word about ice cream parties.

almond cupcakes + chocolate ganache.

I made no cake for my birthday this year. This was by design. I wasn’t in the mood for cake: for crafting it or for eating it, and if you cook or bake regularly, you probably understand that you go through phases where the things which sound incredible to others are the things you want to be the furthest away from. So no cake was made this year, and I was perfectly okay with that.

Mr. Table is not a food blogger: probably the furthest thing from it, which means he’s all in for birthday cake. And what’s birthday cake without ice cream, right? So I threw together a little dessert featuring these beautiful things. Although not a proper layered birthday cake, the original recipe is for almond cake layers from the Piece of Cake cookbook. You remember that one: a few of you have purchased it by now, based on these gloriously be-sprinkled sugar cookies and these incredibly fun chocolate chip cupcakes. It’s a fabulous book, and these cupcakes are more proof of that. Continue reading →

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chocolate chip cupcakes + chocolate ganache.

chocolate chip cupcakes + chocolate ganache.

Two very exciting things happened at the end of April this year.

This postcard:

my postcard from emma.

Emma from Of Agates and Madeleines hand-illustrated a postcard and sent it to me from the middle of the Maine woods, where she hangs out most days. This was part of a previous agreement we had made to send each other postcards from our various locations; my vacation site in Florida versus her work site at the tippy top of the States. I sent her two postcards (I couldn’t decide which exemplified my vacation destination more) but they were not hand-illustrated, attached to a little note, and cuddled into a hand-folded envelope, friends. Only Emma would do that, and this is why I love her. She’s my kind of absolutely nuts, and I like it. Thanks, Emma.

The other thing that happened? These cupcakes. Continue reading →

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the chocolate chronicles, bonus post: twisted s’mores.

Of course you get a bonus chocolate chronicles post; it’s summer! Somehow in the midst of making these three types of chocolate cookies for you, I was also testing the Momofuku graham ganache for their white peach sorbet/graham ganache combo. My white peach sorbet, unfortunately, was quite gross. Not inedible, but I tend to gauge the desirability of something based on how much I want to keep removing it from its location and eat it, and I never had the urge to go back in for more peach sorbet. So that part of the recipe needs some fine-tuning.  Continue reading →

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the momofuku carrot layer cake + pumpkin ganache.

I was so nervous about making this cake. Nervous, and also psyched. Pretty psyched, actually. It’s my first attempt at a Momofuku Milk Bar cake! And if you think the cookies are a big production, they’re nothing compared to the layer cakes. There are special cake rings and acetate strips to purchase, multiple recipes to complete and let cool, fancy layering and freezing…tons of things. But I’ve almost finished baking the Milk Bar cookies from the book, and I’m moving on, so getting this cake under my belt seemed like the perfect thing to do this past Easter. And so, there was cake. Continue reading →

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