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farmers’ market monday: mission fig + prosciutto salad.

Well, I’ve done it: I’ve succumbed to vacation and all its pitfalls. Like not knowing what day it is. Because who cares what day it is when you’re on vacation? You do what you want, when you want. There is no schedule to stick to, no routine to go with, no calendars or watches to check. It’s almost impossible to check a calendar or watch anyway when you’re face-first in a Neil Gaiman book atop a blow-up raft island, anyway. Remembering what day it is when you’re 2 weeks into vacation is tremendously difficult; thankfully, this salad is not. Continue reading →

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farmers’ market monday: summer lemon-vegetable risotto.

People, I’m getting ready for my summer vacation. In fact, I leave tomorrow. Today will be spent cleaning, packing, unpacking and re-packing, but mostly, it’s going to be spent trying to make sure I don’t forget anything. This is a pipe dream; I will forget something. It may be big, it may be small, but it will happen. However, it happens less when I spend time actually thinking about what I’m doing, which is why I made you risotto this week. Continue reading →

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farmers’ market mondays: thai-style green bean, tofu + shiitake lettuce wraps.

Some of you know from my past posts and Facebook musings that this is the first year I’m attempting a real, in-the-ground, chicken-wire encased vegetable and herb garden. I’ve done herbs before, in window box type things, but nothing like this.

And it’s growing. And I have not killed anything yet.

And now it’s bearing actual vegetables. What. Continue reading →

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farmers’ market mondays: bacon + poached egg salad.

Miraculously, this post exists. I had a little meltdown late last week; it wasn’t a personal meltdown (surprising) but rather a technological one. It seems as though toddlers bearing large glasses of water and a high activity level don’t play well with laptop computers. Thankfully, we have an Apple store (the geeky one, not filled with apples) nearby and Mr. Table ran it up after I a) freaked out, b) cried, and c) assumed it would be at least 3 weeks until I would get it back, it would cost thousands to fix, and when I did get it back, everything would be erased. You see, people, I live by the rule that states if you worst-case-scenario every single problem, it will always turn out better thank you expected. In reality, my laptop had a short in the power input jack, it cost $50, and I had it back within 24 hours. How did I feel? Elated, and thankful I once again managed to ward off total devastation by merely overreacting. Mr. Table, you’re welcome. Continue reading →

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spring potato + vegetable salad.

This salad is a testament to what you can do when you read through a recipe and complete tasks in stages. I don’t even feel like I made this beautiful thing. I feel like someone else made it for me and delivered it to my house. But no one did that; I made this. Am I delirious? Has butter and sugar finally overtaken my brain and turned it to mush? No. I’m just thrilled at having the internet search ability to find a fantastic recipe I could make with the rest of my farmers’ market booty from this week. The result was so satisfying and so simple, I wanted to share it with you.  Continue reading →

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farmers’ market mondays: spring vegetable salad + honey lime vinaigrette.

Welcome again to Farmers’ Market Mondays. I should also say thank you; thank you for getting super excited about FMM. I’ve already had a great time searching for recipe ideas I can build on and rummaging through tables and tables of fresh produce, and it’s only week two. It’s also really nice to get back in the habit of eating like I should be eating, with my refrigerator and pantry stuffed to the gills with non-sugar-related items. It’s about time, people. These last few months have been busy, and I’ve let my normally healthy eating habits fall by the wayside. It hit me a few weeks ago when I realized it was 10 am, and the only thing I had had to eat was 2 cups of coffee and some buttercream frosting I was busy making and testing. Embarrassing. Continue reading →

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greek panzanella salad + a new series: farmers’ market mondays.

It seems as though there’s a general theme out there right now with my fellow baking (and cooking, sometimes) bloggers: we feel poofy. We could lose a few pounds. We need to eat better. And isn’t that like, exactly what happens to everyone around this time of year, right? It’s warmer, winter’s officially over, some of us are scheduling our summer vacations and thinking “holy, crap; I have to actually wear that swimsuit in public at some point.” And I have an almost-2-year-old. What does that mean? You guessed it; more photos than some countries allow anytime she’s in close proximity to my mother. What it also means is that when my wee one is photographed, she is often photographed with her mother’s thighs in the frame. *sigh* Continue reading →

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