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farmers’ market monday: balsamic-glazed Brussels sprout, cheddar + bacon pizza.

This weekend was filled with things which perplexed me. What cookies would be mood-appropriate for a very solemn, sedate gathering? Why does my love for Brussels sprouts run so deep? Why did I head to the pumpkin patch on the very same day that everyone else had the same idea? What am I going to do when basically all the farmers’ markets close down for the winter season and I’m left with “to be determined” Mondays? Big thoughts, people; big thoughts.

First, I’m happy to announce that even as the farmers’ markets close for the season, I have determined what will replace the Farmers’ Market Monday series on the blog; I hope you like it. It’s entitled “Monday Bites,” and it will be a collection of appetizers, small plates, and general munchie-ness which will get us through all sorts of holidays, parties, and football games. Certainly there will be plenty of sugar-festing throughout the next few months, so it will be nice to use Mondays as a time for a little bit of savory (and maybe sometimes sweet) snacking. Continue reading →

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farmers’ market monday: jicama + carrot slaw.

August seems like such a transitional month for everyone. KIds are outside trying to burn through their last vacation days, acting like it’s the end of the world. I’ve been bumped into by at least 57 moms at the store, all face-down in their brightly colored school-supply lists, anxiously searching for the exact right kind of colored pencils. Everyone is waiting to start something. I feel like no one really enjoys August; we all seem far too busy either waiting for fall to arrive (hey!) or lamenting the inevitable end of summer. Continue reading →

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farmers’ market monday: green herb grits.

I feel duty-bound to tell you I’m skipping this week’s Farmers’ Market Monday post. You see, I’m up to my ears in homemade farm animal wall decorations, pennant garland, and other things which will transform my house into a state-fair-themed 2nd birthday party wonderland for my Wee One. I made this a few months back, and I feel like it’s got a quintessential summer feel and flavor to it none of us can get enough of right now. So while I try not to hot-glue-gun my fingers together, you enjoy this. It’s filled with fresh herbs, and you could even add some of that summer corn to the mix for even bigger corn flavor.

Because I can’t let summer go by without telling you about these delightful, summer sunshine-filled grits. I made these for myself for a few reasons. Biggest reason? I secretly love grits. I don’t advertise it, I’m not always proud of it, but I could scarf down some grits like nobody’s business. We never even really had grits growing up, so I can’t blame it on nostalgia, save for a smattering of restaurant brunches which had them. Geographically I have no excuses, as I don’t really live in a southern state, although it does border some of the northernmost ones. It’s just, simply, that I have a thing for grits.  Continue reading →

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farmers’ market monday: greek-inspired zucchini ribbon salad.

It seems as though everyone is on board the zucchini train right now, and I don’t blame them; you can’t walk into a farmers’ market or grocery store without seeing piles of them waiting to be purchased. I don’t know if the midwest is the hardest hit, but every year we have a massive quantity of locally grown zucchini to find homes for; it’s really quite stressful finding good families for them. This year, I’m doing my part for Operation: Adopt a Zucchini by offering up not one, but rather two recipes to help you with your homeless veggies. After all, it’s not their fault there’s so many. Thank heavens they’re so versatile.

Before you take to Google, there is no actual “Operation: Adopt a Zucchini” program. Although it’s worth considering as an idea.
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