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vanilla malt bundt cake.

vanilla malt bundt cake.

My Wee One headed back to school this morning…for her second year of preschool.

She’ll be 4 years old this week.

When I started this space, she was just a baby; as in literally a baby wobbling around on pudgy legs that had just learned how to walk.


If you need me, I’ll just be right over here inside this cake. It’s not a big bundt – only a 6 cup bundt, more of a petite teacake – but I think if I try really hard, I could curl myself up in it and live there for a few days. Perhaps tunnel my way out by snacking. I don’t know. But that’s the plan. Continue reading →

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double dark chocolate-dipped fresh mint ice cream sandwiches.

double dark chocolate-dipped mint ice cream sandwiches.

Things this post has in common with my spinach turkey burgers post:

1. both are sandwiches.

2. both have delightfully green middles.

And that is where the similarities end, friends. Because this is a post about maybe the most refreshing thing you will make and subsequently inhale all summer long.

Probably all year long. Continue reading →

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The New York Times chocolate chip cookie.

the new york times chocolate chip cookie.

it’s like the earth, but with caramel-toffee flavored dough.

You know those articles that give you “5/10/12 Ways to Improve Your Chocolate Chip Cookies?” Cool. I can improve your cookies in 1 step.

Make these chocolate chip cookies. Done. Improved. Rejoice!

You guys. You know I don’t love using the words “The Best” or “Perfect” in post titles. Because, truly, who am I to say that something is the best? I’ve probably not ever had every version of something, nor are my taste buds superior to anyone else’s. Furthermore, everyone’s idea of “the best” varies from one to the next: maybe this person likes a certain thing this way, where another likes it that way. Who knows. I’m not the foremost authority on anything; however, I am fairly well-versed in one thing.

Cookie magnificence.

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feast magazine, february 2014 [part one]: black walnuts.

black walnuts.

So: black walnuts, otherwise known as the nut I was tasked with creating recipes around for this month’s Feast magazine: let’s talk about them. When I was asked to do a feature article on black walnuts, I was obviously elated: me? write a feature? Yes, please: I would love that. I am honored. I am utterly geeked out by your request yes I will do it. But then it dawned on me: black walnuts?

I know nothing about black walnuts.

Now, you could argue here that my entire columnist life is centered around ingredients I largely know nothing about until I work with them for the magazine, but that’s 1 recipe: this time, they were asking for a full writeup and 6-7 recipes. Add to that the direction to balance sweet to savory and make it all winter-centric, and you get one nervous writer.

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feast magazine, january 2014: passion fruit + raspberry curd.

feast magazine january 2014: passion fruit-raspberry curd.

Can we pretend like it’s January yet? Because I’m ready for the new year. I feel like collectively we may be a little worn out from the December holidays (and I’m throwing Thanksgiving in there also, because it was basically in December this year also) and are anxious for the new year to begin. I’ve already made (some of) my new years resolutions – some for myself, some for this space here – and am ready to set those plans in motion. Yesterday, I managed to move an entire room of furniture and exorcise all the clutter demons which existed in the space, and I feel so good inside because of it. Granted, some of that clutter now exists in other rooms, but I’m getting there. Baby steps. Continue reading →

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oatmeal cookie pies + ginger coconut filling.

oatmeal cookie pies.

American Thanksgiving is a week away, and I’ve been thinking about our menu. Rather, I’ve been making gigantic, multi-page lists of recipes I want to make and then realizing that since I’m NOT having 150 people over for dinner, that I’d better whittle it down. Seems as though this year, I’m wanting to go heavy on the vegetable offerings, and I like the idea of a sophisticated appetizer or two, but there’s been one aspect of the meal I’ve given nary a thought to: dessert.

Is it me, or does Thanksgiving just seem like The Required Pie Holiday? Pie everywhere, all the time. Does anyone make cake or cookies for Thanksgiving? We never have. Certainly pie is wonderful, and probably steeped in tradition, but who’s to say we can’t veer off that path a little bit? And I mean more than just turning a pie into a tart, friends: I mean actual un-pie-like desserts. Continue reading →

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cranberry + orange milk crumb cookies (a spin on the momofuku blueberries + cream cookies.)

cranberry + orange milk crumb cookies.

Because I can’t just leave well enough alone.

For whatever reason (and I’m still trying to figure this out), there’s been a reigniting of my love of Momofuku things. Perhaps it’s because I originally received the cookbook as a Christmas present two years back, and it’s that time of year again. It could also be that because of the Just One Question project, I’ve been thinking about how this blog started, and the Momofuku recipes I made for it really took off and helped shape this space into what it is now. I consider the Momofuku tutorials and projects I’ve done here as one of the major milestones in learning who I am as a cook and baker, so playing with these recipes again is probably just a natural progression.

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almond cupcakes with chocolate ganache + a word about ice cream parties.

almond cupcakes + chocolate ganache.

I made no cake for my birthday this year. This was by design. I wasn’t in the mood for cake: for crafting it or for eating it, and if you cook or bake regularly, you probably understand that you go through phases where the things which sound incredible to others are the things you want to be the furthest away from. So no cake was made this year, and I was perfectly okay with that.

Mr. Table is not a food blogger: probably the furthest thing from it, which means he’s all in for birthday cake. And what’s birthday cake without ice cream, right? So I threw together a little dessert featuring these beautiful things. Although not a proper layered birthday cake, the original recipe is for almond cake layers from the Piece of Cake cookbook. You remember that one: a few of you have purchased it by now, based on these gloriously be-sprinkled sugar cookies and these incredibly fun chocolate chip cupcakes. It’s a fabulous book, and these cupcakes are more proof of that. Continue reading →

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toasted coconut, almond, + millet bark.

toasted coconut, almond + millet bark.

I’ve been meaning to tell you about this bark. It’s terrible, when I hold out on you, particularly when it’s something this easy and this good. Did I mention that, as far as chocolate bark goes, it’s pretty good for you? There’s that too, so you can feel good about making this repeatedly for yourself and others. If you give this as a gift (which you should) and the receiver throws their hands up in protest, mumbling something about holiday calories and winter weight gain, be sure to tell them not to worry, because this is arguably the healthiest chocolate thing they’ll eat this season. Except if they eat Willow’s chocolate avocado mousse, but someday, those avocados? They’ll be gone. And you don’t want to be left with nothing. Continue reading →

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butternut squash + apple muffins with a cinnamon-vanilla doughnut glaze. also, writing is wonderful.

butternut + apple muffins with cinnamon vanilla glaze.

BIG NEWS, FRIENDS: I am now an esteemed journalist. Well, maybe not “esteemed” as of yet; basically, someone actually put my words in print and I didn’t even beg them to.

Just yesterday, the September issue of Feast Magazine hit the stands, and I am listed in it as a contributing writer. You saw me contribute to their online site a few months back, which was thrilling in and of itself, but being in the print edition is huge. And, best of all, I’m in it twice: once as part of a feature on kitchen gadgets alongside some of my favorite local bloggers, and again in my own column, which I’ll be writing every month. As you may guess, I’m writing this on a cloud floating high in the sky above my desk right now; I am elated.

So let’s talk about the articles, shall we?  Continue reading →

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