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brown sugar graham crackers (part one of two)

brown sugar graham crackers.

I promised you graham crackers, and graham crackers you shall receive. This is part one of a two-part series on how to make some pretty excellent (and might I add, Valentine’s Day worthy) ice cream sandwiches. Even if you don’t end up making the buttermilk-raspberry ice cream I have coming up for you in part two, these are fitting for whatever you’d like to do with them. Eat them alongside your coffee, or hot chocolate, or whatever; I just ask that if you DO make ice cream sandwiches with them (and you’re not making your own ice cream), you buy the best you can find to do them justice.  Continue reading →

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monday bites: cheddar + pecan crackers.

I gather from your comments and a little blog browsing that all of you had a delightful and delicious Thanksgiving, yes? I, for one, am thrilled we all enjoyed ourselves. Are you sick of leftovers yet, or are you still plowing through them? I officially hit the wall yesterday; right on schedule for me. If I had my way, I’d toss everything which qualifies as a Thanksgiving leftover (except the turkey, which I’m still adding into salads) into the garbage and call it quits. The problem with that? It would make more dishes. I can’t take it. I’m pretty sure we’ve washed every serving platter, utensil, and mixing bowl in this house ten times over by now, and it shows no signs of letting up. In fact, I’m not taking my mom to the airport until she finishes cleaning out the pie pans.  Continue reading →

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monday bites: parmesan + sage crackers.

It’s the inaugural Monday Bites post! Farmers’ Market Mondays will return when the farmers’ markets do (in the spring), so until then, I plan to keep your eyes and mouths busy (on Mondays, at least) with finger foods, appetizers, and small plates – and who couldn’t use more of those during the winter months, right? Right.

Too often, we think if we see a boxed something – frozen dinner, cake mix, macaroni and cheese – we automatically assume that the ‘from-scratch’ counterpart to said boxed thing must be very difficult to make. After all, why would someone go to all the trouble to create an instant version of something if it were easy to begin with? Is from-scratch really that much better than something pre-made? In some cases, no; pre-made can be very useful, and taste great, depending on the product. Was I going to make red velvet cookies from scratch for those cookie pops the other day? Nope, and that’s  an excellent example of how smart use of boxed things can produce great, time-saving results. But there’s something about making things from scratch that can really change how you think about what you eat. Like these crackers I made you this week. Why would anyone want to make crackers from scratch? Because they’re incredible. Also; they’re easy. Continue reading →

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stilton + walnut crackers.

Wow: New Year’s Eve already. I know everyone says that, but really…September was what, maybe three days ago? I don’t know how everyone’s fall/winter goes, but between lots of birthdays in October, my annual trip to Nashville to visit my sister, and the fall/winter holidays, it’s been one rush after another. In a good way, really, but busy. I look forward to the January slowdown. By now, I’ve completely blown any good eating habits I’ve developed over the past year and am aching for a normal, nothing-too-exciting routine.  Continue reading →

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