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black pepper + tipsy cheddar cornbread.

black pepper and tipsy cheddar cornbread.

I write this post knowing that cornbread is a rather divisive issue. Yankee, southern, sweet, savory, with cheese, without cheese, whatever. I get it. But this cornbread, people…this one, no matter what your very specific preferences, is not to be missed.

As far as I’m concerned, cornbread has to be one thing: perfection. Perfectly textured, pronounced corn flavor, not too dense, not too crumbly. I like my cornbread sweet, but I like a little balance there also…too sweet and should have just made me corn pudding (I love that too, by the way). I like a go-with-anything cornbread. Continue reading →

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memorial day, part two: the recipes.

memorial day: the recipes.

As promised, here are some of the recipes from Memorial Day, all of which we thoroughly enjoyed. None of them requires much in the way of ingredient-purchasing or time committment, which is great when you’re putting things together on a lazy weekend. There’s a few strategies I employ for weekends like this past one, where I want to relax and not spend my entire day in the kitchen; I know some of us really enjoy hunkering down into a flurry of cooking and baking, but during the warmer months, I find myself wanting to do other things as well. It’s important to never feel trapped in the kitchen while everyone else is kicking back outside, and these tips will help you do just that. Continue reading →

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farmers’ market monday: green herb grits.

I feel duty-bound to tell you I’m skipping this week’s Farmers’ Market Monday post. You see, I’m up to my ears in homemade farm animal wall decorations, pennant garland, and other things which will transform my house into a state-fair-themed 2nd birthday party wonderland for my Wee One. I made this a few months back, and I feel like it’s got a quintessential summer feel and flavor to it none of us can get enough of right now. So while I try not to hot-glue-gun my fingers together, you enjoy this. It’s filled with fresh herbs, and you could even add some of that summer corn to the mix for even bigger corn flavor.

Because I can’t let summer go by without telling you about these delightful, summer sunshine-filled grits. I made these for myself for a few reasons. Biggest reason? I secretly love grits. I don’t advertise it, I’m not always proud of it, but I could scarf down some grits like nobody’s business. We never even really had grits growing up, so I can’t blame it on nostalgia, save for a smattering of restaurant brunches which had them. Geographically I have no excuses, as I don’t really live in a southern state, although it does border some of the northernmost ones. It’s just, simply, that I have a thing for grits.  Continue reading →

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farmers’ market monday: sweet corn gelato.

For Katherine, who made me laugh when I accidentally published this with all photos and no words a few months ago. Katherine: thank you for making me feel less like an idiot and making my day. I hope you like the words as much as the photos this time.

I really needed to get my act together with this sweet corn gelato; I made it, I loved it, I lost my mind over how amazingly strange and exciting and incredibly good it was, and then…nothing. Nada. The words wouldn’t come. I tried, and my mind went blank, although some of that may have been from the massive brain-freeze I had from eating this repeatedly. So, in light of it being ice cream week last week, Target carrying freeze-dried corn for the first time ever (more on that later), and the abundance of corn we have in farmers’ markets currently, I give you this week’s Farmers’ Market Monday: sweet corn gelato. Continue reading →

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farmers’ market monday: grilled corn salad.

So my Farmer’s Market Monday post comes a little late this Monday. It’s Memorial Day here in The States and I couldn’t help it. I won’t lie and say I was so busy going to parties and cooking up a storm and what have you…no; we had too much fun stuff to do. I did some kitchen necessity (and not-so-essentials) shopping, hit the thrift stores, tried to build a little summer wardrobe for my annual 3 week vacation – more about that in future posts, because I’m taking all of you along with me this year. we celebrated my sister’s birthday with a crazy amazing cake, and I taught her how to make Jennie at The Messy Baker’s maple-nut granola and my favorite basil-walnut pesto recipe (which I really should post); two good things to have under your belt year-round, in my opinion. So yes, we did a wee bit of cooking, but mostly, we had fun. hopefully you don’t notice the lateness of this post too much; you should be drinking lemonade poolside anyway.  Continue reading →

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the corn chronicles, part two: sweet corn cereal milk “ice cream” pie.

Is it too early in the year to think about ice cream? Does it have a season? I don’t know. I lose any ice cream cravings beginning with the first crisp fall day and continuing through the winter holidays, but they return once the weather starts to get a little warmer. This year it started early, and I blame the unseasonably warm temperatures we keep having here in my part of the world. I also blame the ice cream maker Mr. Table just purchased for Valentine’s Day. Now, I know what you’re thinking. An ice cream maker? For *gasp* Valentine’s Day? Why didn’t she beat him over the head with it? Well, people, I’ll tell you why. First, it would hurt; ice cream makers are strangely heavy. But also, because I think there’s nothing quite as nice as a thoughtful gift. I had been musing over getting this for months and suddenly, there it was. Continue reading →

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the corn chronicles, part one: corn cookies.

I. Have. No. Words.

This post has been oddly difficult for me to write. Usually, I just make something, get excited, write about it, and…done. And although I’m not winning any “excellence in food writing” awards (that I know of), I think it usually turns out okay? At the very least, I am able to put in to words roughly how I feel about what recipe I have just completed. These corn cookies have thrown me for a loop. Really thrown me. Because It’s hard to accept that something this cornneriffic exists on the earth. In the universe. In any other universe.  Continue reading →

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