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you’re invited: academy awards party 2015.

 you're invited: oscar party 2015.

par·ty1  /ˈpärdē/

1. a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment.
2. a word used by socially awkward individuals to describe something which happens in the privacy of their own home, usually with very few guests, typically involving decorations and much more food than is necessary.
Such was the case of my most hallowed minor holiday: you can have your Valentine’s Day and your Mardi Gras, so long as you leave me my Academy of Motion Picture Awards Party, a.k.a the Oscar Party.

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bloody brains petit fours [for halloween, silly.]

bloody brains petit fours.

That’s not a typo: I said brains.

It’s Halloween week! and around my house, that means Halloween craft projects, a near-constant debate over what costume to wear, and me holding off on buying candy until right before Halloween night due to my lack of control around the sweets of my youth.

allow me to give you this little Halloween project to make, if you so desire, for your Halloween festivities. Totally kid-friendly by design, but adults will love them also; anyone can make these, and if I were that kind of blogger, I’d call these “6-ingredient popcorn petit fours.” Continue reading →

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double dark chocolate-dipped fresh mint ice cream sandwiches.

double dark chocolate-dipped mint ice cream sandwiches.

Things this post has in common with my spinach turkey burgers post:

1. both are sandwiches.

2. both have delightfully green middles.

And that is where the similarities end, friends. Because this is a post about maybe the most refreshing thing you will make and subsequently inhale all summer long.

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feast magazine, december 2013: marrons glace chocolate cups.

marrons glace chocolate cups for Feast Magazine.

It’s December! Can you believe it? Neither can I, and we’ve got tons to do with getting holiday gifts together, trimming trees, and all the other things which go along with this time of year. The December 2013 Feast Magazine is out, and in it, I make a recipe with something I’ve never heard of prior to this assignment: the marron glacé. Continue reading →

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bacon candy.

I’m not all bacon-freaky; in fact, I almost never eat it. I almost never even eat meat, even. But this is what happens when I’m thumbing through my favorite food magazines (December issues, of course) to find that perfect add-on appetizer for a party I had been invited to.

That’s right; I said add-on. Here’s why: I’m a food blogger. If you ask me to come to your party, I will come, but first I will ask you if there’s anything you would like me to bring. If you answer yes, followed by the genre of food I should bring, it’s game on. Continue reading →

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seven-layer bar crunch.

It’s true; I enjoy turning things into other things. This compulsion is why I made the cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookie into an ice cream. Or a favorite fall salad into a pizza. In my hands, beloved snickerdoodle cookies transform into ice cream vessels. Other times, I shove classic chocolate chip cookies into a muffin tin. Whatever. But it’s about time I take on something much more serious: turning the mythical seven-layer bar into a snack mix.

Fair warning: many of the photos in the links above, as well as some of these original seven-layer bars, are gross. I was just learning about light and food photography back then, and it basically looks like I took my pictures in a cave during a massive thunderstorm. Forgive my early blog photo attempts; the food is good, but the pictures don’t, in all cases, do it justice. Continue reading →

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The short story on why there is no Farmers’ Market Monday this week? Failed recipes. I tried new things, they were fine, but they weren’t good enough for you. And that’s important to me; I want to give you crazy good things, not “well, this isn’t bad” things. Besides, just this morning I made a pear dessert which will blow your mind. More on that later this week. Also, I was in the middle of writing this post, and the how-to’s are a doozy. My mind was on buttermints, not farmers’ markets.

I’m backed up on posts anyway; I don’t mind admitting that. I tease you with things on Facebook, only to not post them until a month later. That has to be some sort of blogging sin; there should be rules against this sort of irresponsible behavior. Looks like it’s time to play “post catch-up,” a fun little game in which i take all my backlogged things I’ve made for you and let them finally see the light of day. First, we do buttermints, because I know a certain someone named Carol Anne may lose it if I don’t tell her how to make these. Continue reading →

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s’mores bark (also known as summer bark.)

Before you get all excited, screaming “I thought you promised us shoddy photos while on vacation!” I should let you know that a) yes, I did promise you that, and shoddy photos you soon shall get, and b) I made these prior to leaving town. I wanted to make sure that if everything went south (like I did) you would still have some treats. Besides, we make these for vacation (I’ll be making them this evening), so I’ve saved everyone here the excruciating pain of waiting until photos are taken before they tear into these. And believe me; you don’t want to be caught in a situation where guests/family/friends see s’mores bark and are told they can’t immediately eat it. You learn quickly that people do indeed bite when provoked. Continue reading →

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bunny bark.

Quickie post! Because I know some of you have to be in the same boat I am with Easter candy. You see, every year, we get Easter baskets. They are filled with, among other things, an absurd amount of candy. We don’t need to eat this candy. But we do anyway. So why not make it fun. Continue reading →

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