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goat cheese + herb stuffed mushrooms.

People: easiest stuffed mushroom recipe ever. No sausage to brown, cheese to shred, nothing. Best of all? They taste super fancy, because they’re made with goat cheese and fresh herbs. Not sold on these yet? Well hang on to your socks, because I used english muffins instead of regular white bread. Thrilling, I know. And I owe you a Monday Bites, so…Wednesday bites today.  Continue reading →

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herbed salmon + pumpernickel bites.

Okay, everyone; this one is a quickie appetizer I never intended to be a blog recipe; it was really just something I wanted to try for myself. This time of year, I start looking for easy to whip up bites of food which aren’t terrible for me. I could use more green things. I could also use more fish. I could find a way to stop eating cake.  Continue reading →

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pigs in a blanket + mustard dipping sauce.

What is it they say about not needing to see how sausages get made? Well, you don’t need to see how these get made. There’s really not much to them: you buy a two packages of hot dogs (good quality, please), thaw some puff pastry, whip up some mustard sauce to go with, and there you have it. Instant addictive appetizers. And they are just as happy at a party as they are on a sunday afternoon watching football with you.  Continue reading →

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