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pear + cider crumble bars.

So we’ve all said our long goodbye (almost) to summer fruits, and have taken turns lamenting the disappearance of our nectarine, blueberry, and plummy friends. We will miss them; they never stay as long as we would like them to. We send them off with tears in our eyes, pressing our hand against the kitchen window. Goodbye, little fruits and vegetables. So long, sweet corn and tomatoes which make my home smell like a greenhouse. Fare thee well on your journey to next year, where we will see you again, glimmering and bright as always. Auf Wiedersehen, summer produce.

Because I’m done with you. It’s been chilly here and I am a fickle, fair-weather friend. Bring on the apples and pears and pumpkins and squash, farmers: I open my arms to you. Summer produce may be all vibrance and sizzle, but fall produce? It’s all subtleties. Sure, you have some sunset-hued apples in there, but for the most part, its matte-finished gourds and soft harvest goldens and greens. And that’s my kind of color scheme.  Continue reading →

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earl grey tea + lemon bars.

Summer vacation (for me) is almost over for me. I’m okay with that. I think of vacation as a time to relax, regroup, and reorganize for the coming (rest of the) year. Every year when I come home from vacation, I’m totally psyched for fall. Fall is my season; I love – rather, am in love – with the weather, the scent, the crispness, the mindset, the everything of autumn. I love the chill the air takes in the afternoon. I see kids back in school and I wish I were there also (nerd alert). As much as I enjoy summer for what it is, I find myself getting restless for cooler temperatures. The only drawback I can think of about the return of fall is this: I cease to make things from lemons. Continue reading →

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st. patrick’s irish coffee blondies.

I don’t know why this is, but every year, I manage to miss Mardi Gras, and any food associated with it, almost entirely. It’s not that I don’t like the holiday, although I’ll admit I think I’ve only participated in any sort of Mardi Gras festivities once or twice that I can remember. It’s more that there’s simply so many holidays back-to-back-to-back right now, all of them semi-little, that this one slips through the cracks. What made me remember Mardi Gras this year was Brianne’s pretty little King Cake; those are so festive-looking, and it reminds me of a bakery very near where I used to live who was famous for their King Cakes. And hiding a baby in a pastry is all right in my book. Continue reading →

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millionaire’s shortbread (the homemade twix bar).

Because we needed one more thing to eat around the house on this post-Thanksgiving weekend. Just one more thing, juuuust in case we run out of the 184 other things we made to eat.

I’ve seen these before, called all sorts of different things, on the internet. I’ve perused their photos on blogs, I’ve passed by them in cookbooks, I’ve heard rumors about Twix-like bars you make yourself. Finally, curiosity got the best of me. Do they really taste like Twix bars? Why so many aliases? Why does everyone seem to be obsessed about these? Maybe that’s why all the names…obsessed cookie stalkers.  Continue reading →

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seven-layer bars of my youth.

So…seven-layer bars. I had all but forgotten these existed until recently. My mother used to make these bars when we were kids, but past the age of maybe 12, I just don’t remember having them. Surely she moved on to more classy dessert things. this may have been the age where she switched to the Omnipresent English Christmas Toffee.  Continue reading →

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