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toasted coconut, almond, + millet bark.

toasted coconut, almond + millet bark.

I’ve been meaning to tell you about this bark. It’s terrible, when I hold out on you, particularly when it’s something this easy and this good. Did I mention that, as far as chocolate bark goes, it’s pretty good for you? There’s that too, so you can feel good about making this repeatedly for yourself and others. If you give this as a gift (which you should) and the receiver throws their hands up in protest, mumbling something about holiday calories and winter weight gain, be sure to tell them not to worry, because this is arguably the healthiest chocolate thing they’ll eat this season. Except if they eat Willow’s chocolate avocado mousse, but someday, those avocados? They’ll be gone. And you don’t want to be left with nothing. Continue reading →

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sparkle bark.

Hey you, with the leftover sprinkles from birthdays, christmas, random events, who has zero idea what to do with them. In your flurry of cupcake-decorating and cookie-bedazzling, you suddenly realized you have more sparkly goods than you do actual food.

This bark is for you.

It’s also perfect for New Year’s Eve, because all it takes is a little chocolate, some nuts, and whatever sprinkles, sparkles, or edible glitter you have hiding out in your pantry. Continue reading →

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monday bites: cherry walnut bark clusters.

I had big plans for this weekend. Homemade pizza and kid movie night, lots of food-gift baking (finally, right?), perfecting a few recipes so I can put them on here, a little gingerbread house decorating. You know; normal holiday stuff.
But then this happened.
And things seemed a long way from normal. I tend to be an emotional person. I don’t burst into tears constantly, or act strangely, but I do find myself feeling things in a pretty deep way. I take things seriously; mom says I’ve always been a serious person, even as a child. I think, I ponder, I mull things over until I have sufficiently rolled them around in my brain and sorted them out. Those character traits do me no favors when events like this happens. Continue reading →
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s’mores bark (also known as summer bark.)

Before you get all excited, screaming “I thought you promised us shoddy photos while on vacation!” I should let you know that a) yes, I did promise you that, and shoddy photos you soon shall get, and b) I made these prior to leaving town. I wanted to make sure that if everything went south (like I did) you would still have some treats. Besides, we make these for vacation (I’ll be making them this evening), so I’ve saved everyone here the excruciating pain of waiting until photos are taken before they tear into these. And believe me; you don’t want to be caught in a situation where guests/family/friends see s’mores bark and are told they can’t immediately eat it. You learn quickly that people do indeed bite when provoked. Continue reading →

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bunny bark.

Quickie post! Because I know some of you have to be in the same boat I am with Easter candy. You see, every year, we get Easter baskets. They are filled with, among other things, an absurd amount of candy. We don’t need to eat this candy. But we do anyway. So why not make it fun. Continue reading →

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