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crispy kale + bacon toasts with lemony white bean puree.

crispy kale + bacon toasts with lemony white bean puree.

Because toast posts > pumpkin spice lattes any day of the week.

Even in the fall, because I know the PSL’s are in full swing – I myself have refrained thus far, and will continue to do so until October; September is reserved for chai and chai only.

So, this toast: as usual, there are a few components to this (the hallmark of my recipes by now: components!), all of them incredibly simple and involving small amounts of time. What you see before you is:

  • Baguette, sliced and oven-toasted
  • White beans puréed with a few tasty things
  • Crispy oven-roasted kale
  • Bacon.

Nothing to it, right? Seriously, bake those toasts, fry that bacon, whirl that bean puree, crisp those kale leaves. Done. Cozy toast for a Tuesday afternoon, or a pretty great alternative to that chicken wing dip appetizer you internally gag at the thought of even though football season has barely begun. Continue reading →

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bacon candy.

I’m not all bacon-freaky; in fact, I almost never eat it. I almost never even eat meat, even. But this is what happens when I’m thumbing through my favorite food magazines (December issues, of course) to find that perfect add-on appetizer for a party I had been invited to.

That’s right; I said add-on. Here’s why: I’m a food blogger. If you ask me to come to your party, I will come, but first I will ask you if there’s anything you would like me to bring. If you answer yes, followed by the genre of food I should bring, it’s game on. Continue reading →

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monday bites: turkey, bacon + avocado quesadillas.

Mr. Table thinks he invented the Thanksgiving Leftover Bite. He did not. I don’t know where he saw the idea, but last year our house was filled with wonton-wrapper-encased leftovers. There were a staggering amount of combinations, people; the man isn’t normally creative with food, but within the safety net of familiar food favorites, he went wild. It was like watching Jackson Pollack paint. In fact, my kitchen resembled one of his paintings. An egg roll fever carried him to a place where anything was possible, and every exciting combination could be dipped in leftover gravy. I’ll admit it was a wee bit inspired to bake turkey leftovers into egg rolls. It was fun. It was amusing. But I need an alternative that isn’t so “I just made Thanksgiving into smaller portions and stuffed them into a thin dough pocket.”

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farmers’ market monday: balsamic-glazed Brussels sprout, cheddar + bacon pizza.

This weekend was filled with things which perplexed me. What cookies would be mood-appropriate for a very solemn, sedate gathering? Why does my love for Brussels sprouts run so deep? Why did I head to the pumpkin patch on the very same day that everyone else had the same idea? What am I going to do when basically all the farmers’ markets close down for the winter season and I’m left with “to be determined” Mondays? Big thoughts, people; big thoughts.

First, I’m happy to announce that even as the farmers’ markets close for the season, I have determined what will replace the Farmers’ Market Monday series on the blog; I hope you like it. It’s entitled “Monday Bites,” and it will be a collection of appetizers, small plates, and general munchie-ness which will get us through all sorts of holidays, parties, and football games. Certainly there will be plenty of sugar-festing throughout the next few months, so it will be nice to use Mondays as a time for a little bit of savory (and maybe sometimes sweet) snacking. Continue reading →

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farmers’ market mondays: bacon + poached egg salad.

Miraculously, this post exists. I had a little meltdown late last week; it wasn’t a personal meltdown (surprising) but rather a technological one. It seems as though toddlers bearing large glasses of water and a high activity level don’t play well with laptop computers. Thankfully, we have an Apple store (the geeky one, not filled with apples) nearby and Mr. Table ran it up after I a) freaked out, b) cried, and c) assumed it would be at least 3 weeks until I would get it back, it would cost thousands to fix, and when I did get it back, everything would be erased. You see, people, I live by the rule that states if you worst-case-scenario every single problem, it will always turn out better thank you expected. In reality, my laptop had a short in the power input jack, it cost $50, and I had it back within 24 hours. How did I feel? Elated, and thankful I once again managed to ward off total devastation by merely overreacting. Mr. Table, you’re welcome. Continue reading →

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smoked potato salad + horseradish cream.

It’s safe to say everyone has “their” potato salad. Maybe it’s not yours, exactly, but it’s always someone in your family who gets credit for “the” salad. Our family is guilty of the same thing. I don’t say “mom, can you make the german potato salad that only bears passing resemblance to traditional german potato salad?” No. Rather, I say “mom; can you make Grandma’s potato salad?” to which she answers “you mean the german one?” and I say “yes.”  Continue reading →

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