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muhammara [red pepper + walnut dip] with accompaniments.

muhammara [red pepper + walnut dip]

Feeling snacky? I feel snacky sometimes, more so now that at other times of the year, simply because we’re inside more, it’s colder, and the pantry somehow seems more seductive. If i’m not careful, my snacks can get incredibly boring: reach for the bag of pretzels, maybe some peanut butter, end scene. And that’s okay, but sometimes it’s nice to have something on hand that’s a wee bit more interesting than chips or hummus. This could, by the way, be considered another Things on a Plate installment. Continue reading →

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feast magazine, july 2014: halloumi bites (and what i’ve been doing)

feast magazine july 2014: halloumi bites.

(*scribble scribble crumple*)  Did you hear that? It’s me writing things!

Apparently my whole entire being felt the need to take a break for *ahem* a month or something. It wasn’t planned, but looking back, it should have been: it seems as though there are two key things I repeatedly forget in both blogging and in life, which are:

  • I can’t actually do everything all at once, and
  • There are not unlimited hours in the day; wishing does not actually make that so.


So, good news, I have not been kidnapped Misery-style by a Kathy Bates-like person, nor have I lost use of my fingers. Yay? I’ll tell you what I have been up to, though, if you’re interested. Continue reading →

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Feast Magazine, October 2013: root vegetable lettuce wraps + citrus miso dressing.

root vegetable lettuce wraps + citrus miso dressing.

The October issue of Feast is on the stands! Which means I am also on the stands (and on your internets) with a new Mystery Shopper article. Thankfully this month, I remembered to take my own photo of the dish when I made it; since my column is about featuring the ingredient, the finished dish photo for these posts will be up to me. This month, the magazine delves into the awesomeness which is Asian cuisine: there’s ramen, dumplings, a sushi step-by-step, Japanese cocktails, and a user’s guide to choosing one of my favorite kitchen tools, the spider basket. There’s also a stunning feature on one of our esteemed local chefs, Kevin Willmann of Farmhaus (Did you know Nigella Lawson ate at Farmhaus during her 2010 book tour? She did) and his becoming one with the sea. He catches fish, he prepares it beautifully, and it’s a great read on the depth in which he cares for food, where it comes from, and how it’s treated. As if that weren’t enough, there’s some stunning photography courtesy of the wonderful Jennifer Silverberg (who also photographs my column), my official girl crush where photos are concerned. Someday, with a whole lot of luck and practice, I will take photos half as good as hers. Continue reading →

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red pear + gorgonzola pizza with pomegranate vinaigrette-tossed arugula salad.

red pear, arugula, and gorgonzola pizza with pomegranate vinaigrette.

I realize Autumn doesn’t technically occur until later this month, but it’s September. To me, fall has arrived in a little bit of a way; not totally pumpkins yet, but apples and pears for sure. So too has Rosh Hashanah arrived, and in my attempt to learn more about Jewish food and holidays this year, I tried to do a few things for the celebration. Should a non-Jewish person ever try to craft new recipes for a people steeped in centuries of history and tradition? Probably not. So I’m learning, but there’s bound to be a few missteps. Continue reading →

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sweet cherry + rosemary focaccia.

sweet cherry + rosemary focaccia.

One more for the road, people; I’m writing this post and then launching myself face-first into my suitcase so I can get packed and ready for our flight this Monday. Well that, and a few dozen other odds and ends I need to tie up, but that’s okay: once we’re all in Florida, it’ll be vacation, and vacation food to go with.

Bread and I have been having a little bit of a moment recently, and I’ve been trying to figure out why. It’s just never happened to me before in a summer setting: typically, I get all bread-crazy in the winter. Perhaps this year it’s because I’ve learned how to actually make it versus trying to do so and dissolving in a pile of tears when it inevitably fails. I suppose that makes the entire process more fun for everyone. Continue reading →

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dear library: a mini-series for national library week. (and spinach + ricotta turnovers)

spinach + ricotta turnovers.

I’ve talked about my love of libraries for some time now. This week (April 14-20) is National Library Week, and I’m going celebrate it by talking about why the library has been important in my own life for over three decades, and why it should be important to you. Hopefully, your library is awesome, and you visit it regularly. You can use it for a multitude of things, from music to movies to, yes, every conceivable type of book. In this little corner of the internet, you’ve seen it used most often for cookbooks; in fact, many of the recipes I’ve researched, toyed with and practiced on over the past few years have come from none other than my lovely library. Continue reading →

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faux bois egg tutorial and a go-anywhere appetizer.

faux bois eggs.

Quite a few of you have asked me how to make those little wooden-looking dyed eggs, so I thought I’d do a short post about them so you have it for next year. It was silly, really; just a matter of experimentation and a little bit of time on my hands, but it worked, and I loved the way they turned out.

As I mentioned in the Easter post, this is the first year I’ve done natural dyes on eggs, and I swear I may never go back; it was so easy, and in my opinion, you get a much better color selection from vegetables and spices and things than you do, say, the neon food dye 4-pack at the store. The tones are more earthy and they suit my taste much better than their artificially colored counterparts. No judgement here: if you like the liquid dye for eggs, have at it, because that’s how we have dyed our eggs for years. Continue reading →

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monday bites: roasted beet, arugula, + goat cheese crostini.

roasted beet, arugula, + goat cheese crostini.

Toast post!

This one is dedicated to Ashley at Hops because a) I think she’s pretty spectacular, as a person and as a blogger, b) because I know she has a thing for goat cheese the likes of which few can appreciate, and she also loves beets, and c) she’s just recently engaged! And I wanted to give her something of an engagement gift. Here you go, Ashley; a toast to your engagement. Yay! Continue reading →

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bacon candy.

I’m not all bacon-freaky; in fact, I almost never eat it. I almost never even eat meat, even. But this is what happens when I’m thumbing through my favorite food magazines (December issues, of course) to find that perfect add-on appetizer for a party I had been invited to.

That’s right; I said add-on. Here’s why: I’m a food blogger. If you ask me to come to your party, I will come, but first I will ask you if there’s anything you would like me to bring. If you answer yes, followed by the genre of food I should bring, it’s game on. Continue reading →

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goat cheese + herb stuffed mushrooms.

People: easiest stuffed mushroom recipe ever. No sausage to brown, cheese to shred, nothing. Best of all? They taste super fancy, because they’re made with goat cheese and fresh herbs. Not sold on these yet? Well hang on to your socks, because I used english muffins instead of regular white bread. Thrilling, I know. And I owe you a Monday Bites, so…Wednesday bites today.  Continue reading →

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