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feast magazine, february 2014 [part two]: spicy peanut gochujang cookies.

spicy peanut gochujang cookies.

Although black walnuts were my big project this month in Feast, this is not to say that I didn’t write my regular column as well. I did, and I sort of wish it had been in a different issue, because it may be one of my favorite/weirdest recipes I’ve done so far for Mystery Shopper. I am as proud of it as I am the black walnuts piece, and my goals with both articles are the same: I want you to incorporate odd things into your regular baking and cooking lives. With these cookies, however, I want you to do more than just traditional things with a twist: I want you to get your adventurepants on.  Continue reading →

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good morning sunshine bars.

good morning sunshine bars.

Pre-bathing suit dieters: avert your eyes and avert them now. Go quickly to a health food blog, do an emergency keyword search for things like “quinoa” and “fennel,” and do your best to completely avoid what I have going on here. This is not the post for you. I’m swimming in the sea of early summer fruits as much as the rest of you, but I couldn’t get this out of my head, so here it is. Page one of the newest Baked offering, Baked Elements: The Good Morning Sunshine Bars, finagled by yours truly. And I did do a good amount of finagling here. Continue reading →

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1-2-3 cookies. (a.k.a. the embarrassing cake mix cookies)

I promised I’d be back with a recipe for these things, and here I am, attempting to ignore the shame I feel inside. As far as cake mix cookies go, I do feel like these are pretty good, and here’s the thing: no one ever needs to know you made these from cake mix. Just don’t tell them. When people rave and swoon and otherwise go on and on about how your cookies taste incredible and how talented a baker you are, just smile and say thank you and know that you’re basically committing some sort of horrific crime against scratch baking. Continue reading →

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my entry for movita’s carve-off 2012: a home for lottie (the sheep.)

(It’s a chilly October morning. Shannon sits in her kitchen sipping her second cup of coffee, catching up on her reading and determining her plan of action for the day. In walks the Sheep which Movita Beaucoup made for Shannon’s birthday. They’ve been living together for a few weeks now.)

Shannon: Hi, Sheep.

Sheep: Hey, Shannon. How did you sleep?

Shannon: Okay. Say…you look a little glum. Everything good?

Sheep: That’s just my face. It’s ‘pensive.’

Shannon: Sorry; it’s early.

Sheep: But now that you mention it… Continue reading →

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the chocolate chronicles, bonus post: twisted s’mores.

Of course you get a bonus chocolate chronicles post; it’s summer! Somehow in the midst of making these three types of chocolate cookies for you, I was also testing the Momofuku graham ganache for their white peach sorbet/graham ganache combo. My white peach sorbet, unfortunately, was quite gross. Not inedible, but I tend to gauge the desirability of something based on how much I want to keep removing it from its location and eat it, and I never had the urge to go back in for more peach sorbet. So that part of the recipe needs some fine-tuning.  Continue reading →

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the momofuku carrot layer cake + pumpkin ganache.

I was so nervous about making this cake. Nervous, and also psyched. Pretty psyched, actually. It’s my first attempt at a Momofuku Milk Bar cake! And if you think the cookies are a big production, they’re nothing compared to the layer cakes. There are special cake rings and acetate strips to purchase, multiple recipes to complete and let cool, fancy layering and freezing…tons of things. But I’ve almost finished baking the Milk Bar cookies from the book, and I’m moving on, so getting this cake under my belt seemed like the perfect thing to do this past Easter. And so, there was cake. Continue reading →

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almond cookies, shaped like hot dogs.

April Fools! I made hot dogs out of almond cookies. It seems like we’re in outdoor grilling season in my part of the world, so it’s time to break out some weather-appropriate baked goods. It’s also time for baseball season in the States, and baseball isn’t baseball without hot dogs; at least that’s what Mr. Table says. We’ve discussed this before, but I use any sort of sports season, or random holiday, or really anything, as an excuse to make food. I geek out with it. Although I suppose, at this point, that goes without saying. Continue reading →

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pretzel ice cream + pretzel crunch.

Well. You are going to need to get several bags of pretzels. In fact, if I were you, I’d just carefully set the device you are reading this on down, just close it on up, and go get at least 2 bags of mini-twists. Maybe 3, because it’s better to be safe than sorry. And you’ll be sorry if you run out of either one of these pretzel treats. I’m being so totally serious when I say that once you have tasted this, you may begin shaking at the mere thought of not having it readily available to you at all times. You think I’m overreacting? You haven’t had this ice cream. You think maybe pretzel ice cream sounds weird/frightening/not delicious? Think again. Continue reading →

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the corn chronicles, part two: sweet corn cereal milk “ice cream” pie.

Is it too early in the year to think about ice cream? Does it have a season? I don’t know. I lose any ice cream cravings beginning with the first crisp fall day and continuing through the winter holidays, but they return once the weather starts to get a little warmer. This year it started early, and I blame the unseasonably warm temperatures we keep having here in my part of the world. I also blame the ice cream maker Mr. Table just purchased for Valentine’s Day. Now, I know what you’re thinking. An ice cream maker? For *gasp* Valentine’s Day? Why didn’t she beat him over the head with it? Well, people, I’ll tell you why. First, it would hurt; ice cream makers are strangely heavy. But also, because I think there’s nothing quite as nice as a thoughtful gift. I had been musing over getting this for months and suddenly, there it was. Continue reading →

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the corn chronicles, part one: corn cookies.

I. Have. No. Words.

This post has been oddly difficult for me to write. Usually, I just make something, get excited, write about it, and…done. And although I’m not winning any “excellence in food writing” awards (that I know of), I think it usually turns out okay? At the very least, I am able to put in to words roughly how I feel about what recipe I have just completed. These corn cookies have thrown me for a loop. Really thrown me. Because It’s hard to accept that something this cornneriffic exists on the earth. In the universe. In any other universe.  Continue reading →

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