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sticky pine nut and artichoke spread.

sticky pine nut artichoke spread. | a periodic table

I posted a photo of this on Instagram the other day, and one of you lovely people who follow me was like “Recipe?” and I thought, you know what? Recipe. This one’s for you, Jennifer; you know who you are. Thank you.

I don’t need to stall just to think of something awesome to say about this little plate of food, because – brown as it may be – this little plate of food is already awesome. Why make anyone sit through words if they don’t need to? There’s no rule in life which states that I have to write x amount of words about anything. Continue Reading…

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summer stunner: persian watermelon + cucumber salad.

persian watermelon + cucumber salad. | a periodic table

Something about summer makes it seem so appropriate to throw things together. To be lazy. To not care. I blame the fruit.

Summer fruit doesn’t give two rips if you do anything to it: it exists and is beautiful, period. Berries are perfectly formed into their wee shapes, cherries practically glow at you and look like cartoons of themselves, melons are just thrilled to be hacked into a rainbow of cubes or triangles and thrown on a plate. Sometimes, when I’m feeling fancy, I dig out my melon-baller; most often, I don’t. Continue Reading…


linguine with green olive sauce and zesty breadcrumbs.

linguine with green olive sauce and zesty breadcrumbs.

I’m a person who, when necessary, can really just got into survival mode with food. In a good way, that is: I buy lots of roast-able, satisfying vegetables, avail myself of various spices, and scavenge around the fridge for leftover proteins. I eat lots of scrambled eggs with greens in the morning. I feel hungry, i check the time, I eat at appropriate intervals, it is mostly healthy, end scene.

Continue Reading…

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baked, occasionally: ultra lemony bundt cake.

ultra lemony bundt cake.

This month was easy peasy, friends, at least in terms of this cake Natalie and I baked for our Baked, Occasionally series. Because lemons. Because bundt. Because more lemons.

Because if you are a food person, it goes without saying that you love lemon baked goods in some form. Some of us prefer lemon in tart form. Still others, a nice lemon cookie. Most of us, however, would eat the life out of a lemon cake shaped like a giant donut if we had the opportunity. Continue Reading…

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Baked, Occasionally: coconut sheet cake.

baked, occasionally: coconut sheet cake.

Welcome to our third installment of the Baked, Occasionally series – you know, the one where Natalie and I bake things from Baked Occasions and she tries harder than I do and it’s super fun? That series. So, remember when we baked that chocolate Texas sheet cake with the glorious peanut butter frosting, and at the end we told you that I had chosen the giant meat and cheese pie from the book as our next endeavor?

Hahahaha LIES! I was clearly delusional. That wasn’t going to happen, at least not now. Reasons: Continue Reading…

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Feast Magazine feature article: Wok This Way.

feast magazine feature: Wok This Way

Yo: all photos by Jennifer Silverberg.

Hi! Depending on when you read this, I’m currently opening boxes and finding homes for things, or feverishly painting the house. It’s all going at a decent clip – well, the painting is: the boxes are getting shoved in the basement until I can really commit to doing them correctly. I’m for sure not avoiding them. For sure. Continue Reading…

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an easter [or springtime brunch] recipe collection for Feast Eats.

springtime brunch recipe collection for Feast Eats.

photos from Feast Eats Instagram feed.

Dateline: March 22, 2016. I moved! Houses, that is; the blog is obviously in the same place it always was. This was a months-long process of falling in love (with this house), getting our house on the market, and then settling into this one. It’s perfect for us: I don’t have to use my kitchen table as my office anymore, and we actually have room for all the vintage cookware I’ve amassed over the years. There’s a formal living and dining room (if you’re keeping up, that’s two places to eat!) and at couldn’t be more in love with a house if I tried. It’s all I can do to keep from doing the Sound of Music Maria-in-the-mountains spin over and over again.  Continue Reading…

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Baked, Occasionally: chocolate texas sheet cake with peanut butter frosting.

chocolate texas sheet cake with peanut butter frosting.

This months’ Baked, Occasionally post is brought to you in haste, sort of. You see, kind people of the blog, I am moving: the blog is staying right here it is, by I myself am moving houses. I couldn’t be more thrilled about this, but it’s been a little chaotic around these parts lately, and I didn’t want to say anything lest I jinx the process. We’ll talk about the move (and i’ll totally share photos of the old and new houses!) in a future post, when my world is not upside-down and packed in a various assortment of cardboard boxes. Continue Reading…