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grilled squid with garlicky white beans and vinegared tomatoes.

grilled squid with garlicky white beans and vinegar tomatoes. | a periodic table

I’m sitting here, and allegedly it’s mid-March, and I’m gazing out over a confectioner’s sugar-dusting of snow on my lawn. I don’t hate it, but it does cause some obvious seasonal confusion. You see, we’ve had temperatures climbing near 75 and sunny in recent weeks; when that happens, your body naturally begins to acclimate itself to warmer days ahead. Weather like this gets things all twisted up. Continue Reading…

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hot oil-flashed chard with ginger, scallions and chiles.

hot oil-flashed chard with ginger, scallions and chili. | a periodic tableI’ve fallen victim to the flu epidemic. There I was, rolling along through my January, minding my own business, and boom. Saturday morning I woke up wondering why the stairs felt like they were moving under my feet, and an hour later I was half-conscious under 38 blankets shivering my buns off.

The flu is the worst, friends. I wasn’t a sick kid – just the occasional sinus infection and a strep throat here and there, but never this. This is something else, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Five days out, and I’m feeling better, albeit relatively: still some coughing, a stuffy head, and the energy levels of a honey-buttered biscuit. Continue Reading…


cavatappi with chèvre, arugula + walnuts.

cavatappi with chèvre, arugula + walnuts. | a periodic table

I love the first few days of January, but not for reasons you’d expect. There’s something magic that happens in those first days of the year – days where the rush and crush of the holiday has subsided but you’ve yet to dive back into work – that can restore your soul if you let it. Continue Reading…

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roasted beets + fennel with tahini-dill dressing.

beet and fennel in tahini-dill dressing. | a periodic tableEver had a recipe you just couldn’t shake? Me too…this one. I wrote a feature for Feast which celebrates our beautiful and bountiful creameries around the midwest, and this was one of the recipes I developed for it (because hey, that’s my job.)

Often when I step back from a feature, long after it’s wrapped and published, I see my mindset during recipe development. Spring features are always challenging to work on; you find yourself working in a completely different season which looks nothing like the one you’re aiming at. I can’t think of a more stark contrast between months than that of March (the publish date) and January, especially when you’re talking about seasonal ingredients. Continue Reading…

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chocolate babka.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: there is a singular, luminous joy I get from simply following a recipe versus having to create it from scratch for an assignment. It’s a completely different experience than development, or even tweaking in that you just don’t have to think. It’s a hands-off, no-thought-required, King-Arthur-take-the-wheel situation, and it’s blissful.  Continue Reading…

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grilled cantaloupe salad with hot paprika vinaigrette.

grilled cantaloupe salad with hot paprika vinaigrette. | a periodic table

I made this salad two years ago, and I’ve never stopped thinking about it. It was part of a series of menus I did for different times of the year – this was meant to be the first installment, set to publish in late May. Due to circumstances far too buisness-y for me to be involved in (I’m less Don Draper and more Peggy in these situations), the menu series didn’t begin until late September of that year, which means most of the recipes I had done for May had to be scrapped or reworked for the season and theme. Continue Reading…