well-seasoned, part one: pastry pockets, a winter salad, and dinner rolls.

well seasoned: recipe collection for feast magazine november 2014.

I wanted to set aside a post or two here to delve a little deeper into the recipes from Feast’s November 2014 issue, if you’ll indulge me. I spent a good amount of time getting each recipe right, and although they could easily (and perhaps deserve to ) be standalone posts, I don’t want to drag it out all month: I have other things to get to, you have other things to get to, and mostly I want you to take the time to see the finished product in the magazine itself, or at the slideshow online. Continue reading →

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Well-Seasoned: a feature article + recipes for Feast Magazine.

well-seasoned: a feature article for Feast Magazine.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Feast asked me to do a feature article for the November issue. Here’s how they asked (I’m paraphrasing):

“Shannon, we’d like to feature some locally-packaged products in the magazine, and we think you’d be a good fit for it. We’ll need an intro and some recipe development. Would you be interested?”

Here’s what I heard:

“Shannon, It’s your turn to make thanksgiving dinner this year…for everyone.”

My sophisticated response:

(trepidation…hesitation…doubting myself…) OKAY!!!” *exceedingly large grin*

I equate November issues of food magazines to the September issues of Vogue: important, defining, and critical to the advancement of the human race. Food-centric magazines I don’t buy any other time of year end up in my house during November because of the recipes. Continue reading →

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feast magazine, november 2014: roasted parsnip + burdock root with pomegranate-soy glaze.

feast magazine, november 2014: roasted parsnip and burdock root with pomegranate soy glaze.

November is here; You can all start worrying about the upcoming holiday season now. If you’re a blogger, you’ve already made yourself sick wondering if you holiday posts will stand up to everyone else’s. It’s also the weekend where – if you live in an area which recognizes Daylight Savings Time – your clocks get set back an hour, and normal people use that hour to sleep. Not me! I use that hour to inadvertently wake up at what is now 4:30 am versus my normal 5:30 am. Should be a banner day. Continue reading →

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copycat Panera turkey-cranberry flatbread sandwich.

copycat panera turkey cranberry flatbread sandwich.

In about 48 hours, you’ll feel a rumbling under your feet. That rumble? It’ll be every food blogger based in the U.S. trashing their pumpkin stuff in favor of Thanksgiving recipes. Canadians and beyond tolerate this only because mostly of the recipes we crank out transcend Thanksgiving and manage to be useful for wintertime meals; thanks, Rest of the World. We’ll be back on the same page  on or about November 28th. Continue reading →

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bloody brains petit fours [for halloween, silly.]

bloody brains petit fours.

That’s not a typo: I said brains.

It’s Halloween week! and around my house, that means Halloween craft projects, a near-constant debate over what costume to wear, and me holding off on buying candy until right before Halloween night due to my lack of control around the sweets of my youth.

allow me to give you this little Halloween project to make, if you so desire, for your Halloween festivities. Totally kid-friendly by design, but adults will love them also; anyone can make these, and if I were that kind of blogger, I’d call these “6-ingredient popcorn petit fours.” Continue reading →

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house-made pita bread.

house made pita bread.

I promised you pitas for your muhammara, so pitas you shall have. And without many words, because I think pitas mostly speak for themselves, and they’re so easy to make that I see no need to throw together a tutorial. You can do this; anyone can do this. And it’s fun, because at some point in the pita-making you get to throw – literally throw – dough on a hot pan and pretend you’re a Greek grandma. Or perhaps you are a Greek grandma, which means you’ve done this before and you certainly don’t need a whippersnapper like me telling you how to make pitas. Continue reading →

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muhammara [red pepper + walnut dip] with accompaniments.

muhammara [red pepper + walnut dip]

Feeling snacky? I feel snacky sometimes, more so now that at other times of the year, simply because we’re inside more, it’s colder, and the pantry somehow seems more seductive. If i’m not careful, my snacks can get incredibly boring: reach for the bag of pretzels, maybe some peanut butter, end scene. And that’s okay, but sometimes it’s nice to have something on hand that’s a wee bit more interesting than chips or hummus. This could, by the way, be considered another Things on a Plate installment. Continue reading →

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Windmill [Speculoos] Cookie Ice Cream + Windmill Pie Crust Crumbs.

windmill [speculoos] cookie ice cream + windmill cookie pie crumb.

Part two of the pumpkin almond cake-tacular: the toppings. More specifically, windmill cookie ice cream and windmill cookie pie crumb. I hope you chilled your ice cream makers like I told you, because here. we. go.

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pumpkin almond cake.

pumpkin almond cake.

Because pumpkin doesn’t have to be exactly the same way each and every year, right? It’s such a versatile ingredient that it would be a mistake to limit it to pie, bread, lattes, and granola. In fact, pumpkin is so essential to our baking lives that Baked devoted an entire chapter to it from their Elements book: a chapter it totally deserved.

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feast magazine, october 2014: rambutan + ginger-poached pear sorbet.

feast magazine, october 2014: rambutan + poached pear sorbet.

It’s been a busy weekend, friends: in the last 48 hours, I painted my entire bedroom, picked 25 pounds of apples (none of which will go to waste, I assure you), and somehow managed to land my marshmallow fluff banana cream pie in a Buzzfeed slideshow. Also, Alice Medrich followed me on Twitter and I almost stroked out with excitement because I have mad respect for that woman. In the meantime, Feast Magazine expanded their coverage, celebrated the launch at Knife & Pork in Kansas City, and WON AN EMMY for the August 2013 episode of Feast TV at the Mid-America Emmys. And yes, I did shout that, because I’m super proud of them. Continue reading →

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