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I made you all the Thanksgiving desserts.

November 16, 2015
Pie's the Limit: All the thanksgiving desserts for Feast Magazine.

all the desserts: photograph by Jennifer Silverberg (because I’m not capable of this sort of immense talent but you all know that already.)

Can we talk about Thanksgiving for a minute? Or just November in general? It may be turkey season here in the United States, but it’s baking season all over the world. No one really ever asks me how best to cook a turkey, because frankly, I have no idea.

But sometimes, friends…sometimes people ask me to weigh in on desserts. The reasons for this should be obvious. Continue Reading…

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Feast Magazine x 2: sugar beet syrup and sweet potato leaves.

November 6, 2015

spaghetti with sweet potato leaves and garlic cream sauce.

Dateline – Friday, 6 November, 2015. Went to Whole Foods intent on grabbing the next ingredient for my column and some green juice I really like that inexplicably can only be found there.

Came out with an alternate ingredient (since my first choice wasn’t around, PER USUAL), no green juice, and a still-warm, almond-filled, 3,000-calorie croissant.

Because Fall. Because brisk, sunny, early mornings where I can see my breath. Because I’m congratulating myself on getting over my cold and also for painting my guest bathroom. Because I know how to kick it. Continue Reading…

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jeni’s spinalong: chocolate-flecked blackstrap praline ice cream with black walnut praline and singed marshmallows

November 1, 2015

blackstrap praline ice cream.

I like how last time I was all “Hi yay I think I’m ready to start blogging again!” and now, a month later, it’s like *crickets*

It’s the thought that counts, maybe.

I’m going to cross and un-cross my fingers a few time and say that I’m fairly certain i’ve wrapped my last feature for Feast for at least a few weeks. Decent timing, I have to say, because the holidays are just around the corner, and I have some cleaning / painting / organizing to do before people show up at my door. Until then, I plan on yes, blogging, for real this time – I received maybe 827 new cookbooks for my birthday this year, and I have yet to dig into them. it’s time. Continue Reading…

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Jeni’s Spinalong: PB+J Sandwich with Milk Ice Cream Terrine

October 1, 2015
the new "ice cream sandwich."

the new “ice cream sandwich.”

Because I’ve been known to make questionable (but exhilarating!) life decisions when I get stressed. Like, for example, turning to childhood foods for sustenance, then taking those foods and turning them into ice cream desserts.

Because life.

So this happened. If I think about it, it’s probably a combination of not having time to sit down during lunchtimes recently, and also packing lunch in a carousel horse-themed lunchbox for my child everyday. Whatever it is, it’s made my own childhood lunches come to mind, including my favorite sandwich, the Peanut Butter + Jelly.

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Jeni’s Spinalong: buttermilk-sage ice cream with toasted cumin honey and cornbread gravel

September 1, 2015

buttermilk sage ice cream with toasted cumin honey and cornbread gravel.

Oh hey! Is this my blog? RIGHT!

Normally this is the part where people say they’re back and that they’re sorry they sort of disappeared, but I feel like maybe I’ll skip that: I’m not back. Well, not really; almost, though. It’s been a summer of changes and opportunities and all sorts of things, and I can’t wait to tell you about it.

And yet I must wait, because I’m still in the middle of things. Literally, it seems: i had to clean off a heavy coating of sugar and flour and a few errant pears from my hands just to type this, but more about that later. Here’s a status update on things as they stand today: Continue Reading…


miss american [flag] pie.

July 8, 2015

miss american [flag] pie.

This pie, you guys. This pie was completely last-minute, and a perfect example of how I will do whatever it takes to complicate a holiday. This pie was unnecessary: we had desserts. Giant dark chocolate-walnut brownies (on the blog soon), pillowy chocolate chip cookies, from-scratch fudge sauce, and 5 pints of homemade Jeni’s vanilla bean ice cream – 5 pints! We were golden. We were set.

But then I wanted pie, and I wanted it badly. Enough to lie and say I needed to make this for this blog. For science. For the world.

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feast magazine article

feast magazine, july 2015: halva-buttermilk cake with honey-chocolate ganache.

July 2, 2015

halva-buttermilk cake with honey-chocolate ganache.

I just want to kick this off by saying that when I wrote my Feast article this month, I included a pretty amazing pun. It fit perfectly into the article, made for a snappy intro, and was an accurate depiction of how I feel about the ingredient at hand. I never thought it would make it in.

I was wrong! my beloved editors kept it, and not only that, they managed to throw it on the picture description as well, which means it’s in there twice. They get me: they really get me. So I’d encourage you to click over and read it because it’s not to be missed.

Also, clearly I just enjoy taking photographs of round foods jauntily positioned to the right – all the time. This whole gallery thing I have going on at the top of the site now is a real eye-opener to my habits.

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