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pork + vegetable potstickers with soy dipping sauce.

pork + vegetable potstickers with soy dipping sauce. | a periodic table

Potstickers, dumplings, whatever you want to call them, these little wonder-pockets are an outtake from a project I work on quarterly where I’m assigned an exceedingly normal, seasonal ingredient and two recipes per month, every month. I develop the recipes, photograph the finished product, send it off to an editor, and my work is done. It’s kinda fabulous for someone who’s job is usually the polar opposite: weird ingredient, article and recipe, shooting with a pro. It feels good to flex my “hey, I can make a solid apple galette” muscle once in a while; this project satisfies that.  Continue Reading…


summer strawberry pie.

summer strawberry pie. | a periodic table

This little space came up in conversation towards the end of this school year. Normally I run a pretty covert operation, but some of the other moms were onto me: my own fault, because the “what do you do” question does tend to come up frequently as you spend time with people. Don’t get me wrong: I never try to hide what I do…I’m just not up in people’s faces like “Hi! Do you know me? I’m the author and content creator of A Periodic Table, and I work for this great magazine, blergety-blerg, and my work has been featured in…” and on it goes. I suck at that.

There’s an anonymity to blogging which gets shattered the instant someone in “real life” knows about it. Instead of say, one of you talking to me from Baltimore, Halifax, Scottsdale  or points beyond over email, suddenly it’s like, one of your school-mom friends hanging out with you at a kid’s birthday party. They are right there. There’s no real reason it’s weird: it’s just the context is very different at first, and even after almost 6 years, it’s still something I have to get used to. Continue Reading…

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sassy asian chicken sesame salad (for when you can’t adult.)

How much more adult can that salad get?!

You ever get the feeling like – no matter how hard you work at it – you just can’t get it together? Do you ever feel like I can’t get it together? No kidding.

I’ll dispense with the “It’s a new year'” intro because yeah; it’s March, and I’m just now working on my 2017 goals; I know some of you can relate. Goal Numero Uno is to get back to this, to here, to writing – I need the practice, but I need the time, and that’s been lacking so far this particular year. Continue Reading…

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Baked, Occasionally: whipped shortbread cookies (for those holiday cookie trays.)

whipped shortbread cookies. | a periodic table

You know what makes holiday cookies great? Variety, general appeal, and ease of use. I don’t mean that last one as “look how easy it is to eat these bad mamma-jammas,” I mean that cookies on a cookie tray need to be – for the most part – extremely easy to make.

Or else it’s just no fun, right? Fussy cookies are for other times of the year, or maybe you compromise and include one fussy one in a sea of easy ones, but really, you need to keep it simple if you want to enjoy your holiday too. Continue Reading…

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Shannon’s Thanksgiving Wonderland (aka the Feast Thanksgiving Feature, 2016)

Classics Rock - Feast Magazine, November 2016.

Hang onto your pants, people.

That’s my dining room table. I made you Thanksgiving already. I am my own Bon Appetit / The Kitchn / Food52 this year, and maybe I can be yours as well, because not only did I make all the Thanksgiving foods this year – twice, because photo shoot – but I also came up with what I think is a pretty handy guide to your entire holiday. Continue Reading…

Baked Occasionally, desserts

baked, occasionally: election day palmiers.

baked, occasionally: election day palmiers.

There’s a quote I heard randomly while watching 2012’s national election coverage. Tom Brokaw, who is probably my most favorite newsperson of all time, said this at the time.

“What I love about the process, and what I love about this country and the way we govern ourselves…is that [people] will get up this morning, they’ll go to the voting booth, and they’ll decide who they want to run this country for the next four years; and they won’t do it at the point of a gun, there won’t be any tanks in the street. It’s an amazing process that we’re about to go through, it really is.”

Things had gotten a little crazy-tastic, it was election morning, and it really resonated with me, because it puts something many of us take for granted sharply in focus.

If our 2012 selves knew what was coming in 2016, election morning would have looked like a walk in the park. Continue Reading…

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baked, occasionally: peanut butter + jelly muffins.

Baked, Occasionally: peanut butter + Jelly muffins.

C’mon guys: it’s October. We all know this could be a pumpkin post, and yet IT IS NOT.

What do I think of when the weather starts to turn chilly in the mornings as I eagerly add my sweaters and boots back into regular rotation? I mean, yeah, pumpkin things, but also, peanut butter and jelly. Why? Because here, the onset of crispy fall weather reminds me of school. It has for years, and I haven’t been in school for…well, let’s say awhile, shall we?  Continue Reading…