you’re invited: christmas 2012.

There should be more photos. And yet, there are not.

Mostly because I decided, for most of the day, not to live behind a camera lens.

So no obsessive photos of food, or decorations, or table settings.

Just some presents…

meringue mushroom making…

retro ham preparation…

snowglobes by candlelight…


and our annual Bûche de Noël. We were a little wiped out between all our other festivities to make a real one, so this year’s was a cute little pound cake and some frosting.

You would have loved it.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday; the best holiday. See you very soon.




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8 Comments on "you’re invited: christmas 2012."

  1. Merry Christmas from the Cocina-ites to the Table-ites. Much love, peace, and hope your Noel was very Bouche-y. *muah*

  2. natalie says:

    can you believe i didn’t take A SINGLE PICTURE of ANY of the brunch food? NOT EVEN ONE! no posts to make, no recipes to post…. i pretty much just unplugged for christmas.
    but that’s ok… or at least it seemed ok at the time lol

    love your bouche de noel ~ and we never would have even known it wasn’t a “real” one if you didn’t tell us! :)

    merry christmas!

    • shannon says:

      did it feel liberating to not lug the camera out to take incessant photos of food while everyone watched anxiously, wondering when you’d get finished? I felt liberated. I mean, there were a few pictures smushed in there, but hardly any were taken. I felt like a NORMAL PERSON. :)
      although i will say for selfish reasons, i wish you had, because i reaaaalllly wanted to see how your brunch turned out! i’ll email for the details. :)
      you know, i thought about forgetting to say anything about my Faux Buche (Fuche?) but i felt bad; like i was food-dishonest. :) next year, i make a real one, cake roll and all.

      merry christmas to you!

  3. Love your meringue mushrooms!!! So glad you had a lovely Christmas with family and that you spent time enjoying it instead of capturing it in photos. It sounds like it was wonderful!! Also, the Wee One’s pjs are totally cute…wish they came in an adult size ;)

    • shannon says:

      thanks, amy! I think i made better mushrooms last year, but it was at one of those “let’s get these little things DONE already!” points during the day where you need to complete a task, period. I liked their little dips and swirls, though, and i like the recipe i used for them; easy and they stayed put.
      it was really nice not having to take pictures; i guess i never “have to,” but it was nice making the decision to just not for a change. i’m sure you know the feeling of that whole “enjoy yourself without cameras” thing; normal people don’t know how good they have it!
      aren’t they? i loved her little pj’s…and i checked; no adult sizes (or you would have seen them on me, also.) happy holidays!!

  4. That’s one of the nicest yule logs I’ve ever seen.

    No lie.

    • shannon says:

      should i believe you? because i saw yours, and you kicked it with german buttercream and it was BEAUTIFUL. we were going to originally do a white log this year, but we backed out last-minute to rock a traditional one. when i saw yours, i committed to a white one next year (on the Big Checklist in my mind.)

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