happy easter!

Happy Easter to you!

I hope all of you are eating until you can’t eat anymore, enjoying whatever weather you were blessed with, finding every egg you wanted to find, and otherwise having a lovely day. These little breads are what I made to give as “Easter baskets” this year: English Muffin Toasting Bread from my friend Jen’s website, Juanita’s Cocina. It’s terrific, and addicting, and exactly what I’d want in my basket.

This is a peek at what we’re eating today:

…and you know this little guy; he’s on the blog right here.

This is my citrusy lemonade, which is a great treat and a good drink to have around, especially for spring and summer. watch for it soon on the blog.

and last but not least, these little coconut macaroons will be on the blog this week.

oh wait: and then there’s this:

Yay, Momofuku Carrot Layer Cake! This will be a beast to write up, but well worth it. It’ll show up here in a week or two. Expect a step-by-step on this one.

Happy Easter. We have to go look for eggs. Big day for egg hunting around here.

6 Comments on "happy easter!"

  1. Hoppy Easter!

    I want to squeeze that cute little one!!!

  2. Brianne says:

    What a marvelous feast! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. nataie says:

    looks delicious! was hoping for a scalloped potato recipe tho o.O :)

    i can’t believe that marvelous-looking carrot cake, either. intense! when i visited momofuku in NYC i somehow didn’t try that one (if they had it)…

    • shannon says:

      i’ll have to talk to mom about her scalloped potato recipe…she doesn’t let things go easy, but i may be able to persuade her. :)

      thank you! that cake was intense to make, let me tell you…there was a point where i had to hold back tears, take a deep breath, and just concentrate. thankfully, it worked. and it was RIDICULOUSLY good, in a carrots-on-steroids sort of way. I’m so envious of your Momofuku visit; i’ve never been and it’s on my list of “obviously i need to do’s”.

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