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double dark chocolate-dipped fresh mint ice cream sandwiches.

double dark chocolate-dipped mint ice cream sandwiches.

Things this post has in common with my spinach turkey burgers post:

1. both are sandwiches.

2. both have delightfully green middles.

And that is where the similarities end, friends. Because this is a post about maybe the most refreshing thing you will make and subsequently inhale all summer long.

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bake my cake 2014 competition entry: the bread pudding cake.

movita beaucoup's bake my cake 2014: the bread pudding cake.

Well, friends, it’s that time of year again: one of my favorite people/bloggers, Rachael (aka Movita Beaucoup) turns another year older, and we all get to celebrate by making ridiculous cakes in her honor. I’ve done two cakes so far for her: this crazy miniaturized bakeshop thing and this cereal-turned-into-donuts one, both of which were incredibly fun to make, even if they didn’t win. And they didn’t win, people: I manage to lose every. single. time.
This year, the theme is crappy cakes: all we had to do to is enter a crappy cake into the competition. As luck would have it, I’m pretty crappy at making a crappy cake, because my need to do everything correctly? let’s just say it doesn’t translate that well into screwing up a cake purposefully. I’m also prone to intense overthinking, and as the translation of “crappy” could mean myriad things, I struggled to interpret what she meant. Crappy like bad? crappy like gross to eat? Crappy to whom and in what way? On and on it went. Continue reading →

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The New York Times chocolate chip cookie.

the new york times chocolate chip cookie.

it’s like the earth, but with caramel-toffee flavored dough.

You know those articles that give you “5/10/12 Ways to Improve Your Chocolate Chip Cookies?” Cool. I can improve your cookies in 1 step.

Make these chocolate chip cookies. Done. Improved. Rejoice!

You guys. You know I don’t love using the words “The Best” or “Perfect” in post titles. Because, truly, who am I to say that something is the best? I’ve probably not ever had every version of something, nor are my taste buds superior to anyone else’s. Furthermore, everyone’s idea of “the best” varies from one to the next: maybe this person likes a certain thing this way, where another likes it that way. Who knows. I’m not the foremost authority on anything; however, I am fairly well-versed in one thing.

Cookie magnificence.

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cookie throwdown: bouchon boxed mix vs. cookbook.

chocolate chip cookie throwdown.

I did something exceedingly stupid the other day: I purchased food products at Williams Sonoma. Not spices or sprinkles, mind you, which I could easily play off as “necessary” or “practical,” oh no. Instead, I walked out of that hallowed place with two things I had no need for: a box of Bouchon Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix and some Vanilla Wafer Butter. I’ve turned the former into an experiment which we’ll be discussing today; the latter I refuse to discuss at all. Still ashamed.

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feast magazine, february 2014 [part two]: spicy peanut gochujang cookies.

spicy peanut gochujang cookies.

Although black walnuts were my big project this month in Feast, this is not to say that I didn’t write my regular column as well. I did, and I sort of wish it had been in a different issue, because it may be one of my favorite/weirdest recipes I’ve done so far for Mystery Shopper. I am as proud of it as I am the black walnuts piece, and my goals with both articles are the same: I want you to incorporate odd things into your regular baking and cooking lives. With these cookies, however, I want you to do more than just traditional things with a twist: I want you to get your adventurepants on.  Continue reading →

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feast magazine, february 2014 [part one]: black walnuts.

black walnuts.

So: black walnuts, otherwise known as the nut I was tasked with creating recipes around for this month’s Feast magazine: let’s talk about them. When I was asked to do a feature article on black walnuts, I was obviously elated: me? write a feature? Yes, please: I would love that. I am honored. I am utterly geeked out by your request yes I will do it. But then it dawned on me: black walnuts?

I know nothing about black walnuts.

Now, you could argue here that my entire columnist life is centered around ingredients I largely know nothing about until I work with them for the magazine, but that’s 1 recipe: this time, they were asking for a full writeup and 6-7 recipes. Add to that the direction to balance sweet to savory and make it all winter-centric, and you get one nervous writer.

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blood orange + rosemary cake.

blood orange + rosemary cake.

It’s mid-January, or as I like to call it, “Let’s All Go Crazy Over Unusual Citrus” season. It’s like a friendlier version of the Hunger Games, where markets hide small quantities of short-seasoned produce here and there, and we see who can find things first and subsequently make and publish recipes for said thing before it disappears again.

Let’s be clear: no matter how incredible the produce, it’s slightly ridiculous. Most of this hard-to-find produce tastes very similar (if not identical) than its readily-available relatives. Nevertheless, we cave. Continue reading →

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feast magazine, january 2014: passion fruit + raspberry curd.

feast magazine january 2014: passion fruit-raspberry curd.

Can we pretend like it’s January yet? Because I’m ready for the new year. I feel like collectively we may be a little worn out from the December holidays (and I’m throwing Thanksgiving in there also, because it was basically in December this year also) and are anxious for the new year to begin. I’ve already made (some of) my new years resolutions – some for myself, some for this space here – and am ready to set those plans in motion. Yesterday, I managed to move an entire room of furniture and exorcise all the clutter demons which existed in the space, and I feel so good inside because of it. Granted, some of that clutter now exists in other rooms, but I’m getting there. Baby steps. Continue reading →

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feast magazine, december 2013: marrons glace chocolate cups.

marrons glace chocolate cups for Feast Magazine.

It’s December! Can you believe it? Neither can I, and we’ve got tons to do with getting holiday gifts together, trimming trees, and all the other things which go along with this time of year. The December 2013 Feast Magazine is out, and in it, I make a recipe with something I’ve never heard of prior to this assignment: the marron glacé. Continue reading →

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cranberry + grapefruit sorbet.

cranberry + grapefruit sorbet.

Let’s be frank: you don’t have time to read food posts right now. I don’t have time to write food posts right now. We are kidding ourselves if we think we should be doing anything but donning our finest grocery-shopping attire and getting out there to procure the necessary ingredients for our Thanksgiving feasts. Canadians; this is the week we remember how you feel during early to mid-October. Now we sympathize. We are one again, my Northern neighbors. Continue reading →